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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Outdoor Venue

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing An Outdoor Venue

There are elements of outdoor venues that indoor venues just can’t compete with. If you’re weighing options between an indoor and outdoor venue, there’s more than just the location to factor in that can add a layer of complexity when planning your event.

While there are many benefits of hosting an event al fresco, there are a few unique factors that you must keep in mind when choosing an outdoor venue.

1. What If The Weather Doesn’t Cooperate?

What if it rains? If it is too hot or humid? Too cold? Or what if there are high winds? These are all questions you must ask yourself when deciding on a venue, and provide a backup plan for. Your venue should be able to provide some insight into recommendations for inclement weather options, too. One solution to consider that brings the best of both worlds is a tent. Tents are a great solution to get the outdoor venue feel and many of which, when properly anchored, can hold up to high winds and rain.

Tents also provide an added benefit: they can create focal points and entertainment zones and are relatively easy to light and decorate.

2. Where’s The Power Source?

As perfect as your outdoor venue may be, you need to consider where the primary power source is—and if and how many additional generators will be required. Figure out which items in your event’s production will require power, how much, and purchase accordingly. Your power provider can also run through risks and safety concerns to remember before your event happens.

With all that power and all those generators, you also need to consider where to put the cords. They need to be placed strategically so as not to create a trip risk factor. As is the case when using generators, you have to ensure that they are placed far enough away from the main event that the hum (or downright roar) is not a distraction for your attendees.

Choosing Outdoor Event Venues

3. How Close Are The Indoor Facilities?

When you gotta go you gotta go and you don’t want your event attendees to trek too far to and from the restroom facilities. Even if indoor facilities are somewhat close by, you have to consider if there are enough to accommodate your volume of guests. One option to support a bigger event crowd is to rent additional port-a-johns or toilet trailers. Depending on your needs, you may also want to rent outdoor handwashing sinks.

Unsure of how many facilities you’ll need to rent? This rental chart will help you determine the number or restrooms and handwashing sinks required by both the length of your event, and the number of guests.

4. Is The Terrain Or Landscape Event-Appropriate?

The landscape and terrain are not just a matter of an event backdrop, but event logistics. A hilly, uneven terrain might be ideal for an athletic obstacle course event, but certainly not for a musical festival. A beautifully landscaped location might be perfect, but it may not be able to withstand the heavy foot traffic generated from the event. If your event’s landscape is remotely questionable, alert attendees well ahead of time in case they need to prepare. In fact, the terrain should also be factored in as a major consideration for insurance purposes.

And speaking of the event’s location: consider the local bugs, rodents, and wildlife that could be present during your event and plan accordingly.

5. How Will the Event Feel?

Some of the greatest challenges of planning in an outdoor venue pertain to how the event will come together with event decor like sound, lighting, and decorations. While you have already considered your power source, how and where do you place speakers and lighting so that they don’t detract from your event? Since you have no walls to work with, consider creative ways to decorate—such as archways, tent décor, decorative tables. Hanging lights, lanterns, and chandeliers also provide unique lighting options for any outdoor space. You want your outdoor event to be a success, which is why you must develop a Plan B for the usual event glitches—as well as the outdoor-only event concerns. Happy planning!

Events are never without their setbacks. But you can take control of the most common setbacks that come with planning at an outdoor venue. Take these 5 considerations before choosing an outdoor venue, choose wisely, and if needed, develop a Plan B.

What venue considerations do you take before choosing to plan in an outdoor venue? Let us know in the comments of share your favorite outdoor venues with us on Facebook.

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