Save Time with Theater Row Template Default Updates

Recently, we updated our software to allow your team’s admins to specify standards and set measurements for trade show booths for the rest of your team to use. Well, we heard from you that this feature would also be useful for theater row template defaults. So we made it happen!

How to Save Time With Event Theater Row Template Defaults

Now, your admins can create standards and set measurements for theater rows. The new Theater Row template default can be found as an option in the Template dropdown within the Defaults tab of Administrator Settings. After you make some changes here, you’ll find your new default as an option in the Template Type menu whenever you add a theater row template default.

Check out the image below to see the new tool in action:

Theater Row Templates can now be customized

Why properties love this

As we said when we updated trade show booth template defaults, anything you can do to save time is something worth doing. And this update will help you save loads of time and will help you avoid event day mistakes.

Why planners love this

The same reason. It’s little touches like this that add up to make an unforgettable experience for your clients and attendees.

This update is absolutely free to use. So head over to your Social Tables account now to get started”because your theater row template defaults are overdue for an upgrade.

Give timesaving theater templates a try!

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