10 Impossibly Cool Denver Event Venues to Shortlist Now

10 Incredibly Cool Denver Event Venues to Shortlist Now

Looking for somewhere to host your next event? Maybe you should consider Denver for your next gathering. We have put together a list of cool Denver event venues to make your event planning easier.

1. Seawell Ballroom

To start, the high ceilings with embedded LED lights give a feeling of a star-filled canopy to this space. While a massive grand window opens out to a spectacular view of the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. And with floating DJ booths for galas and aerial dancers, your imagination is the limit when you plan your event at the Seawell Ballroom. This amazingly cool space is located on top of the Helen Bonfils Theater Complex. And it’s definitely one of the more special Denver event venues. It can host up to 1,000 people and provide you with all necessary technical facilities that you’ll need to plan your event.

2. The Art, A Hotel

An award-winning hotel with a contemporary design, ‘The Art, A Hotel’ is located in the museum district of the city (which is close to pretty much all the other Denver sites). Plus, they have multiple meeting rooms to choose from or you can even choose a terrace overlooking Broadway Theaters. No matter what kind of event you are hosting, this hotel will provide you with excellent service and high-end technology to make your event momentous and successful.

3. The Directors Room

Opened in 2014, The Directors Room is located in the Helen Bonfils Theater Complex. It has a classic design with some hints of modern finish. Additionally, this event space is equipped with latest technology features and corporate seating arrangement and is perfect for those who are planning a business event in Denver. Furthermore, the scenic views of the mountains and the city skyline from the southwest facing patio. This space might just add that Colorado touch you’re looking for.

10 Impossibly Cool Denver Event Venues to Shortlist Now

4. Voco Studios

A reasonable and ideal place for small receptions, hosting workshops, business meetings, fundraising galas or meetups. It has a rustic-chic style look with ample natural light. Amenities include 50 person capacity with some additional seating if required, Wi-Fi, a conference room, big windows, restrooms and a big kitchen. While they do not provide food and beverage services, they do have a grill in their outdoor space.

5. Mile High Station

Looking for a versatile event space? Mile High Station is your place. A refurbished iron foundry given new life, perfect for a small gathering and spacious enough to hold 1,200 people.

There are multiple small rooms, a big patio with a beautiful view and a huge circular bar on the main floor. Therefore, this place is ideal for corporate events, fundraising galas, social gatherings, weddings, and receptions.

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6. Denver Convention Center

Talking about Denver event venues, how can we forget the Denver Convention Center? Hosting more than 250 events annually, this amazing convention center is a perfect fit for anything from executive meetings to large conventions. With two big ballrooms, one large theater, 63 meeting rooms and 584,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space on one level, there is a place for every kind of event. Additionally, they provide on-site services including guests services, catering, and networking services. You also get some free online promotion, isn’t that great?

7. Grant-Humphreys Mansion

This historical mansion in Denver is a classic event venue with a majestic appearance. Notably, dating back to 1902, this well-preserved 30-room mansion features a beautiful exterior design with terrace, balconies and modern technology. In addition, with a capacity to accommodate 200 guests, this mansion has been hosting weddings, receptions, birthday parties, corporate meetings and much more.

Grant-Humphreys Mansion

8. Field House Denver

Giving a beautiful view of the stadium and the city skyline, Field House offers full amenities, big parking space and a warm, inviting feel for your guests. Additionally, with competitive prices and remarkable service, Denver Field House is a perfect spot for small businesses, charity events or social parties.

9. Wellshire Event Center

A landmark location since 1926, Wellshire offers more than just an event space. It’s located on a beautiful Wellshire golf course and is only 10 minutes away from Downtown Denver. This place has the ability to offer small intimate events for 20 guests up to large events of 600 guests and everything in between. So if you’re planning to host an event at Wellshire don’t forget to give your guests an outside break, and maybe an afternoon free to enjoy playing some golf.

10. The Cable Center

If you are a tech lover then Cable Center will certainly wow you. Also, it has breathtaking architecture, high-tech, and high-impact setting. In addition, the Center offers great service and amenities. Including, a 2½-story video tower and an in-house sound system. This sound system is available to display videos, graphics and customized productions, flexible meeting spaces and more.

As you enter through a sweeping curved pathway, you will enter into a three-story building with glass front views of the city and mountains. Surely a memorable experience awaits here.

Elevated a breathtaking 5280 feet above sea level, Denver is the highest major city in the United States and may just be the perfect location for your next event. The striking panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains will be sure to leave your guests with an experience to remember.

Have you ever been to any of these Denver event venues? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments or join us on Twitter!

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