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The skyline of phoenix arizona overlooking a number of event venues

20 Phoenix Event Venues That Attendees Can’t Get Enough Of

We all hear about those traditional “first-tier cities” — Chicago, New York, Orlando, etc. — but in the past decade, Phoenix has made more moves to attract events than perhaps any other city in the country. In fact, the city has quadrupled their amount of startups, invested $5 billion in infrastructure, and strategically planned new venues in close…

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The Boston skyline during daytime across the harbor

15 Boston Event Venues That Bring Out the Best in Every Experience

As the oldest city in America, Boston is a historian’s dream destination, but it’s also so much more! Chandeliers and skyscraper views, waterfront hipster hubs, incredible food… there’s a space for every planner or event to call home. So to help you get started, we’ve rounded up twenty Boston event venues that give meetings, weddings, and…

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10 Impossibly Cool Denver Event Venues to Shortlist Now

10 Incredibly Cool Denver Event Venues to Shortlist Now

Looking for somewhere to host your next event? Maybe you should consider Denver for your next gathering. We have put together a list of cool Denver event venues to make your event planning easier. 1. Seawell Ballroom To start, the high ceilings with embedded LED lights give a feeling of a star-filled canopy to this…

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