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Tips Tuesday: 45 Event Planning Questions for Clients

Ready for your next event planning consultation? We have you covered with helpful event planning questionnaire examples that will ensure you and your client are a great fit. Here are all the event planning questions you’ll want to have handy at your next corporate event or wedding planning kickoff meeting. How to create an event…

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Wednesday Wisdom: 15 of the Best Event Planning Niches

The industry outlook for event planning is extremely positive. It’s growing faster on average than any other occupation and is expected to maintain this upward trend well through 2026, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But in order to add event planning to your resume, you’ll need to get specific in terms of what…

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15 Ways to Disaster-Proof Weddings at Outdoor Venues

Ever wondered what to do if it rains on your outdoor party? Outdoor venues for weddings and events can be absolutely gorgeous. But after you book it, you might be thinking, “What do I do if it rains on this wedding day?” Whether you’re planning ahead or you’re just now seeing the forecast, these tips…

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Event Production: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that event production coordinators make anywhere from $33,000 to $64,000 a year? It’s true! Find out what else you need to know about event production in this complete guide on the subject. We’ll answer your most frequently asked event production questions. 10 Things You Need to Know About Event Production 1. What…

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Wedding Contracts for Events 101

Protect your business, get on the same page with clients, and outline every project with the help of an event or wedding contract. This paperwork will serve as the foundation for decision making and provide much-needed guidance during the event planning process. Plus, clients tend to appreciate it when their event planner presents them with…

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The Essential Steps to Starting an Event Management Business

The U.S. Department of Labor’s research shows that getting your event management business plan together is a smart move right now. The industry is growing faster than most. And because no specialized training is required to start one, you can expect to start turning a profit much, much faster. How do I start my own…

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The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist Template

Whether you own a party planning business or you’re just throwing an event for family and friends, this party planning checklist will help you get organized before the big day! What does a successful party look like? Using a party planning checklist and creating an event timeline are just some of the many things you…

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35 Awesome Summer Event Decor Ideas

Regardless of whether your summer events are for friends or colleagues, there are plenty of seasonal decor options available for both your summer event theme and budget. Use these 35 inventive and practical summer event decor ideas to kick start your season. Explore summer event decor ideas 1. Whale print table runners Or whale print…

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The Complete Wedding Planner Cost Guide

According to a recent newlywed report, of all the couples getting married in 2019, 27% of them will hire a wedding planner. And the wedding planning service most frequently requested in recent years is day-of coordination. Which explains why love birds are paying an average of only $1,850 on a wedding planner for their big…

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25 Budget-Friendly & Beautiful Event Centerpiece Ideas

Whether you’re rocking the corporate AmEx or pinching pennies in your own personal account, there are lots of stylish wedding and event centerpiece ideas to choose from. You will find that a little creativity goes a long way when it comes to event decor. Which is why we encourage you to use these ideas as…

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