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Tips Tuesday: 21 Event Planning Productivity Hacks

Experienced event planners know that the key to success is keeping their skills sharp and perfecting their process. So if you’re searching for ways to improve your craft, these productivity hacks for event planning are a good start.  Explore simple productivity secrets to save time when planning events. Whether you work for a company or…

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Monday Motivation: 50 Ideas for Wedding Decor Under $50

No matter how much event or wedding planning experience you have, you can create beautiful wedding decor for any client, regardless of their budget. Most newlyweds spend around $2,141 on flowers and decor combined. But these creative and affordable wedding decor ideas can help you slash that number in half.  Discover 50 Budget-Friendly Wedding Decor…

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Tech Thursday: 30 Gorgeous Event Lighting Ideas

The most common types of special event lighting include Lekos, PAR, LEDs, and Gobos. But whether or not you’ve worked with them at other events before, there are lots of other special event lighting design ideas you can use to spice things up. Here are some tips you can use at virtually any event you…

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Tips Tuesday: 27 Top Timesaving Event Planning Tricks

How can an event planner improve? With some great timesaving event planning tips and tricks of course! We’ve gathered 27 of the most creative and effective productivity strategies known to the modern event planner in this list of ideas that will surprise, inspire, and, ultimately, inform your event process.  Pick up new timesaving event planning…

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Monday Motivation: How to Design an Incredible Event Calendar

Blanking on how to make your event calendar better than ever? Here are some tips and tricks on things like how to make any event seasonally appropriate, ways to fill in calendar gaps, and the absolute best tools for designing an incredible event calendar.  Your Corporate Event Template: What Events To Throw & When Here’s…

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