rendering showing chair seating arrangement at event

8 Must-Know Types of Seating Arrangements for Events

Seating arrangements have the power to make or break deals, relationships, and even event goals. “Much of getting what you want comes down to where (event attendees) sit,” says Brian Lee, Chief of Product Management at Lifehack. And where people sit depends on the type of seating arrangement that’s chosen for the event, meeting, conference,…

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3d rendering of chevron style seating

The Ultimate Guide to Chevron Style Seating

Need an attractive floor plan that gives attendees and speakers maximum visibility while making the most of any space? Then consider chevron style seating for events. Also known as “V” seats, this formation is known to bring more harmony to groups, much like its inverted counterpart in the natural world that geese fly in. Keep…

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illustration of wine and snacks on serving tray

How to Plan a Surprise Party: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for tips on how to plan a surprise party, organize the attendees, and keep the guest of honor in the dark until it’s time? Here are some instructions on how to plan the best possible surprise party for anyone and any occasion. Keep reading to discover some useful tips on a variety of surprise…

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3d rendering of cabaret style seating

The Ultimate Guide to Cabaret Style Seating

Cabaret style seating is used for events such as presentations, galas, award shows, dinners, and even training seminars. Chances are you’ve been to — or planned — an event that used this type of seating. But what is it, exactly? Keep reading to discover the pros, cons, and best practices of cabaret style seating. Then,…

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digital drawing of a keynote speaker speaking at a podium at an event

How to Run a Roundtable Discussion in 7 Simple Steps

Roundtables date back to 1155 A.D. when King Arthur popularized the phrase with his group of advisors known as the Knights of the Round Table. Since then, everyone from world powers developing actions for global peace treaties to Fortune 500 companies debating the future of their industries have all learned how to run a roundtable…

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illustration of wine and snacks on serving tray

21 Creative Super Bowl Party Ideas

Want to throw the best Super Bowl party of all time? The key is creativity. Although there are some best-loved traditions for this event type, you can still make your get-together — whether it be big or small, at home or at work — completely unique. Discover some foolproof ways to feed and delight guests…

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drawing of flowers, table and chair at wedding

Creative Wedding Reception Layout Ideas and Tips

Wedding receptions are, to many, an exciting party filled with socializing, dancing, and great food and drinks. But they don’t just happen. They start with a layout. A fun and practical wedding reception layout helps maximize both indoor and outdoor space at a venue while providing ample room for the many different activities that will…

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digital drawing of event planning notebook

22 Inspirational (and Funny) Event Planning Quotes

Event planning is a challenging profession, and sometimes a little inspiration is needed to help to get through the peaks and valleys, no matter how rewarding they may be. So whether you’re just starting out as an event planner or you’re looking for ways to refresh your established business, these 22 event planning quotes are…

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rendering of a wedding aisle

Wedding Tent Layout: 8 Tips You Need to Know

Whether you plan to host a ceremony or reception outdoors, creating the right wedding tent layout is key to helping everything run smoothly. Create the right atmosphere, sort out logistics, and maximize space by following the suggestions listed throughout this post. Then, learn more about how to create a wedding tent layout for your unique…

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rendering of trees and pool set up for outdoor event

7 Winning Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

It can be a challenge to come up with high ROI trade show booth design ideas that work. And 10×10 booths in particular present even more complexity because of their size. But they are a popular and cost-effective option you can use to make your property stand out.  This is why we’ve compiled some creative ideas for…

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3D illustration of tables and chairs at a restaurant

15 Helpful Catering Tips for Beginners

Demand for corporate and private catering has rapidly grown by 20% the past decade, collectively netting professionals in this industry $22 billion in 2019, which means this is set to be a promising field in years to come. Discover catering tips for beginners that will help you perfect your craft, avoid common mistakes, and wow…

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Sales and catering coordinator tips

How to Be The Most Successful Sales and Catering Coordinator

Did you know there is a 9% overall job growth outlook for sales and catering coordinators between now and 2026? Prepare your resume and skillset to become even more competitive in this growing job market. Explore the tips outlined in this article to successfully boost group sales, support hotel catering teams, and manage staff at…

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