illustration of u-shaped seating arrangement

The Ultimate Guide to U-Shaped Seating

Looking to create an event floor plan that’s aesthetically pleasing and makes it easier for people to collaborate with each other during a presentation? Then the U-shaped seating arrangement may be the best bet. Here’s everything you need to know about this seating arrangement type and how to get the most out of it. What…

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3d rendering of woman speaking and sharing ideas in classroom

How to Plan a Workshop: 22 Tips to Know

Whether you’re a full-time event planner or you’re just getting started, this guide on how to plan a workshop is what you need to bring this special type of event to life. First, let’s clear up any confusion. The term workshop is commonly used to describe many different types of events. But according to Merriam-Webster,…

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rendering showing chair seating arrangement at event

The Ultimate Guide to the Church Seating Layout

The church seating layout is used for houses of worship, but it’s also found in lecture halls, performing arts centers, and conference spaces. You may already recognize it from an event you’ve planned or attended at a university, seminar, or yes, church. But what is the church seating layout exactly, and why is it used…

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wedding planner working on laptop

How Much Do Wedding Planners Make? 7 Factors That Impact Salary

According to sites like Comparably, ZipRecruiter, and, the average wedding planner salary ranges from $14 per hour to $420,000 per year, which doesn’t really answer the question on the minds of anyone trying to get into the industry: How much do wedding planners make, exactly? For careers like wedding planning, there’s a lot that…

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rendering of person in crowd raising hand at corporate event

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Announcements

Looking for a guide to corporate event announcements? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about what corporate event announcements are used for, why they’re important, and what information you should always include (it might be less than you think). Plus, save time with 11 great corporate event announcement email templates you…

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rendering showing chair seating arrangement at event

8 Must-Know Types of Seating Arrangements for Events

Seating arrangements have the power to make or break deals, relationships, and even event goals. “Much of getting what you want comes down to where (event attendees) sit,” says Brian Lee, Chief of Product Management at Lifehack. And where people sit depends on the type of seating arrangement that’s chosen for the event, meeting, conference,…

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3d rendering of chevron style seating

The Ultimate Guide to Chevron Style Seating

Need an attractive floor plan that gives attendees and speakers maximum visibility while making the most of any space? Then consider chevron style seating for events. Also known as V seats, this formation is known to bring more harmony to groups, much like its inverted counterpart in the natural world that geese fly in. Keep…

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illustration of wine and snacks on serving tray for cocktail party

How to Plan a Surprise Party: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for tips on how to plan a surprise party, organize the attendees, and keep the guest of honor in the dark until it’s time? Here are some instructions on how to plan the best possible surprise party for anyone and any occasion. Keep reading to discover some useful tips on a variety of surprise…

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3d rendering of cabaret style seating

The Ultimate Guide to Cabaret Style Seating

Cabaret style seating is used for events such as presentations, galas, award shows, dinners, and even training seminars. Chances are you’ve been to ” or planned ” an event that used this type of seating. But what is it, exactly? Keep reading to discover the pros, cons, and best practices of cabaret style seating. Then,…

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digital drawing of a keynote speaker speaking at a podium at an event

How to Run a Roundtable Discussion in 7 Simple Steps

Roundtables date back to 1155 A.D. when King Arthur popularized the phrase with his group of advisors known as the Knights of the Round Table. Since then, everyone from world powers developing actions for global peace treaties to Fortune 500 companies debating the future of their industries have all learned how to run a roundtable…

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