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How to Keep Your Hotel Instagram Ad Creative From Falling Flat

Instagram is a fairly new social media channel for the hotel industry. Many marketers are using it to advertise and are unsure as to why their ads aren’t translating into sales. Here’s how you can tweak your ad creative to use your hotel Instagram to fullest marketing potential.

Here are the stats.

Instagram gets about 95 million new photos and videos added to the site each day. 300 million people interact with the site each day as well. And 500 million use it on a monthly basis. It is estimated that up to 70% of businesses in the United States will use Instagram as a marketing vehicle by the end of the year. Those are numbers that marketers just can’t ignore.

First, you have to meet expectations.

Instagram exists because it fills a niche of photo and video based posts for users with distinct tastes. Many users are on Instagram for a variety of reasons, from pop culture to music and travel. Instagram ads often fail because they try target everyone and either stand out too much for being sales-y or blend into the background because they’re boring. Your ad should match what someone who loves to travel is looking for.

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The ad creative on your hotel Instagram should be unique.

Don’t run the risk of being too generic. Instagram users get at least one new ad each time they visit their feed. So if yours looks like all the others, it’s going to fail. Look through your own Instagram or another hotel’s. How often do you realistically stop to consider an ad? Most users aren’t looking for a mission statement, tagline, logo or product.

Instead, an Instagram user is generally looking for something visually stunning and unique to their feed. Focus on giving them a reason to pause and click on your ad.

Team up with a social media influencer.

Want to really make a splash on Instagram? Skip the paid ad and team up with a travel influencer to get your hotel on their Instagram. Influencers generally have large followings of people who trust their recommendations. That means your Instagram ad is reaching multitudes on an account they’re usually looking for in their feeds.

instagram ad creative that stands out in feeds

Give your ads a unique call to action.

Now that you have a great image or video, why should a user click on it? Ads without a good call to action in the description make your ad too ambiguous.

To put your best foot forward don’t use generic language or value props. Focus on what makes your hotel great, then tailor your call to action to really drive it home. Have rooms with great views? Use something like “this could be yours” to get visitors to go there. By using dynamic language and clearly communicating why travelers should choose your hotel, you’ll give a good conversion boost to every post on your hotel Instagram.

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Target your audience.

Make sure you know who your guests are and the demographic you’re trying to cater to. If you don’t keep that audience at the forefront of your thinking, your ads are more likely to fail. They won’t resonate with potential guests. Plus, those who’ve stayed at your hotel may be disappointed because their experience doesn’t match up to your creative.

To avoid ineffective Instagram ad creative, use tools like Google Analytics to see who is visiting you, and come up with a target audience. For example, Land Rover targets those who enjoy the outdoors and uses a national parks theme to catch their attention.

Test everything you do.

No matter what your hotel Instagram strategy, be sure to test and test to see what works, modify what doesn’t, and throw out the fails. If you’re not testing, you’re not truly optimizing your creative. Changing one small aspect at a time can help you zero in on what’s really making the difference.

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