Indoor Lighting: Best Practices and Inspiration for Your Next Event

When it comes to indoor venues, the possibilities are endless for event lighting. From corporate parties and fundraisers to weddings and other social get-togethers, an indoor space can act like a blank canvas that is just waiting to be transformed.

Rather than using the standard overhead lighting that comes included with many ballrooms, conference halls and the like, here are some innovative ways to use lighting to your advantage and truly turn an indoor space into the ideal event.

A Grand Entrance

First impressions count, right? Think about where a guest will first enter your event’s experience and look for ways to do it up big. It could be lining an elegant red carpet with large, oversized candles or an elaborate light projection on the entrance itself – or, better yet, a mixture of both. The entryway should be a hint at what is to come and should get guests excited to find out more – there is no better way to do this than with some eye-catching lighting.

Plan Events Seamlessly

Take Advantage of Vessels

If you are going after a clean, streamlined effect for an event, look no further than simple white luminaries. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit any space and look dazzling when lined up with one another. Opt for LED candles to place inside, as it will avoid any fire risk and will last all night long. If certain color palettes are essential to the overall theme, consider using colored LED candles inside the white luminaries – they will have a beautiful glow to complement any uplighting. Plus, luminaries are reusable so they can easily be stored until your next event. In addition, wax vessels can be rented as well if they’re only being used for just the one event.

Personalized Effects

Customization is leading the way with event themes this year – it is, of course, what sets one celebration apart from another. While favors, signage and other elements are a great way to add customization, do not forget about the lighting aspect as well! Selecting candles in colors to match a company’s brand or a personalized logo wash is a great way to add an extra special touch to any event.

Keep it Simple

Tabletop décor is one place where creativity can take over, but avoid taking it too far. Florals and candles are two of the most popular choices for table décor, but combining too much of both can be overwhelming. Keep it simple and opt for smaller arrangements with votive candles or tea lights, especially if people will be dining at the tables. The key is to create a beautiful design, while still fostering an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation.

Time it Out

With the growth of technology, we have seen a transformation in the event lighting industry. Nowadays, it is possible (and simple!) to create a lighting scheme that schedules out and automates all of the effects planned out for an event. Remote-controlled lighting is also a great way to control a lighting design – connecting LED candles, string lighting, uplighting and washes to a central controller can make it easy to manipulate the design from one place.

No matter the type of event, there will be a way to transform any space with the help of some simple lighting techniques. Keep the venue’s parameters and your client’s preferences in mind as you map out your plan of attack.

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