10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Hotel Interior Design Inspiration

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Hotel Interior Design Inspiration

If you’re searching for some #inspo for your hotel’s next décor update, Instagram is a veritable treasure trove of hotel interior design ideas. From clean, to colorful, to classic, to quirky, there’s an Instagrammer out there with a feed full of beautiful images to help you visualize your hotel’s new look.

Here are ten Instagram profiles to follow for your daily dose of hotel interior design inspiration.

1. Homey Oh My – @homeyohmy

There’s no denying the elegance of a simple yet striking black and white colour scheme, and Amy Kim, curator of Homey Oh My, does it oh-so-well!

For a hotel interior that will last a lifetime, follow Amy’s lead with timeless clean white walls punctuated by sleek blacks and greys, contemporary patterns, and just a hint of greenery. Simplicity at its finest.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Hotel Interior Design Inspiration

2. Cummins Architechture – @cumminsarchitecture

Want to give your hotel that cozy cabin feel? The good folk at Cummins Architecture have got this look down pat. Think exposed beams, rugged wooden interiors, perfectly placed Edison bulbs, and all the beautiful fall color palettes you could ever dream of. Create a hotel interior that will transport your guests to their own little piece of woodland paradise.

3. The Jungalow – @thejungalow

If you love the easy, breezy bohemian style, then you might just find yourself double-tapping The Jungalow’s entire feed!

Transform your hotel into a haven of bohemia with vintage prints, indoor plants, mystical color palettes, and immaculately mismatched furniture. The boho style is all about relaxed vibes, which makes for the perfect atmosphere to get your guests into relaxation mode.

4. Tilton Fenwick – @tiltonfenwick

Thinking about injecting some color into your hotel lobby? Tilton Fenwick has got all the hotel interior design inspiration you need to create a space that is bright and fun for your guests. Bonus: including some very cool and quirky wallpaper patterns!

5. Mad About The House – @mad_about_the_house

Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About The House is celebrated for her eclectic styling, delivering design classics with a modern twist. For a unique hotel style that feels as comfortable as home, but looks as creative as a magazine spread, look no further than Mad About The House for your interior inspiration.

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6. Plants in Decor– @planstindecor

Take a leaf out of Plants In Decor’s book, and add some greenery to your hotel. It’s all here: indoor plants, hanging features, living walls, and more. It’s lush green, and it’s all your hotel interior needs to get a great kick of color and life!

7. Design Lykke – @designlykke

Give your weary travelers an instant feeling of zen with the classic and calming Scandinavian style. Find your hotel’s peaceful new look somewhere between the mix of minimalism and muted color palettes in DesignLykke’s gorgeous feed.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Hotel Interior Design Inspiration

8. STYLONYLON – @stylonylon

Urban, edgy, and just a dash of grunge, Stylonylon’s feed is a sanctuary of chic. If you’re seeking something sophisticated yet laidback for your hotel’s new interior design, this is THE place for inspiration. Follow Stylonylon’s cues for a hotel that oozes so much cool, your guests won’t ever want to leave!

9. Design Sponge – @designsponge

Design Sponge is the ideal all-rounder to draw inspiration from when it comes to updating your hotel’s look. With rich color palettes, floral arrangements, DIY ideas, and a bounty of beautiful aesthetics to pore over, Design Sponge will leave you brimming with ideas.

10. Jonathan Adler – @jonathanadler

Jonathan Adler’s design philosophy is; “Build a timelessly chic foundation, then accessorize with abandon”. If your hotel’s interior has the basics and needs an extra boost of personality, do as Jonathan does and accessorize! Scroll through his feed of bold colors, funky patterns, and one-of-a-kind pieces, and you’ll be ready to shake up your hotel’s style.

Where do you draw hotel interior design inspiration from? Tag us in your favorite Instagrammer’s feed or tell us their handle in the comments below.

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