6 Online Survey Tools for Hotels to Benchmark Customer Satisfaction

6 Online Survey Tools for Hotels to Benchmark Customer Satisfaction

Hotels are nothing without their guests who visit and the planners who plan in them. Which is why it is essential for hoteliers to generate customer feedback. We have not one but six different online survey tools for hoteliers to benchmark customer satisfaction within their audience.

1. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey was one of the first online survey tools out there and is still a worthy contender. This online survey tool allows you to create and send mobile responsive surveys via the web, email, social media.

Hoteliers can view real-time survey analytics, and perform A/B split tests to determine which surveys are most effective. Survey Monkey even has a mobile app so that even the busy hotel manager can view survey responses on the go. While surveys may be your primary questionnaire format, you can create a long list of quizzes, polls, and a variety of other feedback forms.

6 Online Survey Tools for Hotels to Benchmark Customer Satisfaction

2. Typeform

Step one of making surveys that customers will actually fill out is to make them easy to do. Typeform does just that. It isn’t just a flat survey, but a beautiful and engaging way to gauge brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Typeform can be integrated with over 500 software applications, meaning you can add your interactive forms just about anywhere you like. In addition to surveys, you can create visually appealing order forms, quizzes, lead generation tools, and more. All results are compiled in an easy to read analytics panel with the ability to export survey results.

3. Google Forms

Google Forms is one of our favorite intuitive (and free!) online survey tools. While it doesn’t have as many advanced design features as Typeform, it does allow you to add graphics and other personalized touches. Quickly create clean and simple multiple choice, drop down menu surveys, linear scales, check boxes, and typed response surveys.

Hoteliers can view results in Google Forms with individual or total responses, in chart form. Or for those that live for Excel, transfer survey results to Google Sheets for further analysis.

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and foster planner loyalty.

4. Qualtrics

Qualtrics breaks their online survey tools into four main categories: customer, employee, brand, and product. Within each category, you can create unique and engaging feedback and rating surveys and polls for your hotel. This is also a great tool if you plan on doing any kind of customer research (perfect for hotel marketing teams!) to measure brand sentiment and awareness.

5. LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey provides you with an impressive 28 different question types allowing you to really get creative in how you want to present your surveys and feedback forms. While many of these online survey tools can accommodate a handful of popular languages, LimeSurvey designs surveys in over 80 languages. This means you can boost survey response from your international guests. This is an open source software has some free options, and affordable subscriptions for full access and high-volume use.

6. PollDaddy

PollDaddy is another strong contender for creating surveys, polls, ratings, and quizzes. Creating polls is fast and easy, and you can personalize each of your survey with digital media such as graphics, logo, videos, images, and other branded or relevant content. Not as visually appealing as some of the options above, but delivers clean and crisp simple surveys.

As you can see your hotel has many online survey tools to choose from. Most of the tools above offer free limited plans, but Google Forms is the only one that is entirely free for their all-access tools. This feedback can be related to their latest reservation, dining experience, spa service, or rented event space.

There’s no better time than the present to get the important customer satisfaction data that you need to make improvements. Start testing different tools to see which is the best fit for your hotel.

Which online survey tools have you tried that worked well? Give us a shout on LinkedIn and let us know. 

Drive direct group sales 
and foster planner loyalty.

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