[Infographic] The Ultimate Site Visit Checklist: 18 Ways Properties Can Close More Deals After Site Visits

Every event hinges on a successful site inspection. It’s a make or break moment in the event planning process and it’s becoming increasingly important to modern meeting planners. That’s why the site visit represents a unique opportunity to kick-off a lasting relationship between a planner and a property.

We surveyed 350 event planners and 350 properties to find what planners are looking to get out of a site visit. Find out how to start communicating earlier in the planning process, and see how you can customize site visits in order to close more business.

Here’s the first half in a series of 18 site inspection checklist items, that you’ll want to remember before delivering your next site visit.

Meeting planners are looking at site visits like a “professional first date”. And it’s often a blind-date. It can be the first time a planner will ever meet their contact at a property. Modern buyers are more engaged than ever before, and they can see beyond sales tactics. Relationships founded on trust and transparency are key to the modern meeting planner.

Click here to download our report on the site visit process and the full site inspection checklist, which includes 8 additional ways planners can work with properties in order to get a more customized site visit.

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