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5 Refreshingly Creative Hotel Packages

Time for a pop quiz!


A) Make a mental tally for every time you respond with a Yep! to the following questions:

B) Rank them each on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most creative.


1. I have seen hotel packages marketed as, The Romance Package.

2. I have seen hotel packages marketed as, The Girls Getaway Package.

3. I have seen hotel packages marketed as, The Rest and Relaxation Package.


A) If you responded Yep! to all three, you were born before today.

B) If you responded 1 to all three, you know hotel packages have been left to die in a desert barren of a creative pulse.

Discover Imaginative Branded Hotel Packages:

Some savvy hotel properties have decided to revolt against the playing field of lackluster titles by branding their packages in innovative and imaginative ways. Take a look at a few of our favorites:

1. Experiences by Marriott

Experiences by Marriott acts as a concierge service for would-be guests by offering them a buffet of personalized experiences to indulge in during their stay. Retail therapy, VIP access to sporting events, and curated honeymoons are just a small sampling of the opportunities a guest may choose from.

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2. Maya Hidden World Museum

Book the Maya Hidden World Museum Package through the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel to receive two VIP tickets to the Hidden Mayan Words exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. What guest wouldn’t be intrigued by this partnership that offers them comfort, culture and exclusivity?

3. Compliments by Conrad

Compliments by Conrad offers, an extra night compliments of Conrad when you stay a minimum of 4 nights. Not the best deal in the world, but the name of the package makes you feel as if Conrad is giving you a wonderfully personalized gift, that you are receiving it because they want to take care of you, and that they want to do that because you are special to them.

4. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts does a phenomenal job of helping you plan your destination around their impressive selection of packages. Select your choice region,  then choose from one of 15 package theme options. Family vacation in North America? Check out their Legoland package.  Looking to dive into the culture of South America? Purchase the Buenos Aires Culture Experience to be escorted throughout the city by a private guide.

5. Omni Barton Creek Weddings

The Omni Barton Creek’s 12/13/14 Wedding Package offers, 12 percent off food and beverage, 13 percent off spa appointments, and 14 percent off golf tee times¦ Now, imagine they only advertised their spa discount as, 13% off all hotel spa packages!. No one in their right mind would click that. It would be a gif in no time. This pitch succeeds because it is anchored in creativity.

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How can I promote my hotel?

1.) Offer virtual tours of the spaces and rooms available in your hotel
2.) Modernize your website
3.) Create a compelling loyalty program with creative rewards
4.) Create engaging content about your city that guests will find when researching trips

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