Trevor Lynn Named Chief Marketing Officer

The below is the email Dan Berger, our CEO, sent to our team last night regarding the promotion of Trevor Lynn to Chief Marketing Officer.

It was no accident that in August 2012 a marketer (Trevor) was brought in as employee #3, a time when most startups amass engineers and, wishing on a prayer, save marketing for last. While I didn’t know much back then, one thing was certain to me: distribution is critical to the success of a product like Social Tables. I strategically chose to bring in a young and “naive” person because I wanted them to take as much risk as possible.

Fast forward 20 months and today Trevor runs the biggest department at Social Tables. His team is firing on all cylinders, setting records month over month. He has turned our company into a marketing-led organization, an organization that’s focused on lasting relevance through customer education, community engagement, and brand trust.

Trevor’s professional development and leadership ability have grown exponentially every single day. And, above all, he has embodied our core values to a tee. The guy literally begs for feedback and reading material, disavows any spending, and insists on calling snails by names such as Bingo!

When I spoke to Shaun Johnson, our mutual friend who recommended Trevor, Shaun told me that Trevor is the kind of person who magically does everything he is asked to do no matter the lift or his workload. To this day, his uncanny ability to not only deliver but also master anything that’s handed to him amazes me.

Trevor has also done a remarkable job learning, loving, and immersing himself in our industry. Being included in this year’s “40 Under 40 in the Meetings Industry” class and his many national speaking engagements drive this point home.

Finally, and most importantly, Trevor has played a key role in helping me craft our long-term strategy and executing my operating plan. He has served as my sounding board as I have his.

I trust that he will continue to be a great asset to each and every one of us for a very long time. Again, please join me in congratulating Trevor on reaching this very well deserved milestone in his career.


Dan Berger
Chairman and CEO