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18 of the Top Hospitality Conferences to Check Out 2024 

The hospitality industry is always evolving. Economic trends, consumer preferences, and travel restrictions consistently shift, affecting how the industry operates. To remain competitive, hospitality professionals must stay on top of what’s happening with hotels, event venues, technology, and trends. Attending top hospitality conferences, expos, or summits is a fantastic way to stay up-to-date on current trends.  

In this post, we’re reviewing the top hospitality conferences happening this year and exploring what they have to offer. Whether you’re looking to learn about the latest in hotel technology, security resources, design trends, catering techniques, or the luxury travel market, we’ve got you covered.  

Which top hospitality conferences should you attend?  

Where do you want to improve your business? What’s impacting your industry most? What would you personally like to learn about? Whether you work in hotels, events, restaurants, or another hospitality-focused business, this list has something for everyone. Review the various conference categories below to find the right events for you and your team. 

Top hospitality conferences for sales, branding, and marketing  

Whether you’re in event planning, hotel sales, or venue operations, the top hospitality conferences of 2024 have something to offer every business in the industry. With major focuses on branding, marketing, and innovative sales solutions, these big-picture events provide a fantastic overview of what’s happening in local, global, and independent hospitality markets.  

  1. HSMAI Strategy Conferences | Charlotte, NC | June 25-26 

The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International—a global hospitality organization that includes revenue management, marketing, and sales professionals—will meet again this year for its annual Strategy Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. For the first time post-pandemic, HSMAI’s Marketing Strategy Conference and ROC Americas is back, live and in-person. The primary event takes place from June 25th to 26th, with pre-conference roundtables, training, and workshops on June 24th. Post-event engagement opportunities continue with more roundtables and workshops on June 27th.  

  1. HD Expo + Conference | Las Vegas, NV | April 30 – May 2 

Hosted at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Sin City, the Hospitality and Design Expo + Conference is the country’s largest hospitality product discovery destination. Whether you’re a supplier seeking to get your latest goods in front of industry leaders or a buyer looking for the perfect products for your hospitality projects, this could be the conference for you.  

  1. Experiential Marketing Summit 2024 | Las Vegas, NV | April 24-26 

As branding becomes a more integral part of the hospitality industry, both for businesses and consumers, creating a memorable brand experience is more important than ever. The Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) has been designed to help marketing and hospitality leaders “redefine the essence of brand experiences.” The conference focuses on innovation and strategic collaboration, making it especially valuable for industry professionals navigating business-to-business (B2B) to business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing.  

  1. INDIE Cultivate | New York City, NY| April 24-25 

Cultivate is INDIE’s freshest “hospitality, lifestyle, and travel pitch event.” A gathering of start-ups, venture capital firms, and a community of founders, it’s the perfect place for industry newcomers to make their big pitch.  

In 2024, the Independent Lodging Conference (ILC) (A.K.A. INDIE) will host Cultivate at Wythe Hotel—Brooklyn’s original boutique hotel. Focused on the independent travel, hospitality, and lifestyle sectors, attending Cultivate is a fantastic chance to learn about technology adoption, investments, and the latest industry innovations. 

  1. Global Sustainable Tourism Conference | Stockholm, Sweden | April 23-26 

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) will host its next Global Sustainable Tourism Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. The organization manages sustainable travel and tourism standards worldwide, providing accreditation for sustainable Certification Bodies.  

The upcoming conference, GSTC2024, aims to unite local and global travel and tourism professionals to advocate for continuing engagement in sustainable tourism, including eco-friendly events. For those who can’t make it to Sweden in April, a second conference will take place in Singapore from November 13th to 16th.  

Top hospitality conferences for hoteliers 

If you’re looking for lodging-specific conferences, check out these hotel-focused events spanning the country in 2024. Whether located on the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between, so many conferences are happening this year that there’s likely one near you. 

  1. The Lodging Conference | Phoenix, AZ | Oct 7-10 

Mark your calendars because the 2024 dates for The Lodging Conference, one of the largest hospitality conferences in the U.S., have been announced. The event will occur over three days at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort and Spa.  

A private event, registration is required to attend The Lodging Conference. Although attendance has a hefty price tag of $2,595/per person, tickets include access to three days of general sessions, gourmet meals, Think Tanks, a pickleball tournament, and more.  

  1. Boutique Hotel Owners Conference | Westlake Village, CA | Sept 30 – Oct 1 

The Boutique Hotel Owners Conference, hosted by  BLLA Events, is a gathering of “pioneers to continue the creation of the Boutique Lifestyle.” BLLA has spearheaded connectivity in the hospitality market since 2012, as the organization is dedicated to leadership and innovation in independent boutique hotel ownership.  

In 2024, BLLA’s tradition continues as global leaders and followers of boutique hospitality plan to meet in Westlake, California. This year’s conference will focus on hotel ownership, management, and leadership as hospitality professionals navigate the ever-changing world of contemporary travel.  

  1. AAHOA Convention and Trade Show | Orlando, FL | April 2-5 

In 2024, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association will host its annual trade show and convention, affectionately called AAHOACON, in Orlando, Florida. With more than 500 exhibitors, over 1,000 booths, and 6,000 expected attendees, this event is perfect for connecting with and learning from industry experts. Taking place in April at the Orange County Convention Center, it’s the largest annual gathering of AAHOA members in the world—members who happen to own 60% of United States hotels

  1. HFTP Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference | Pinehurst, NC | Feb 19-21 

The Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference (MSARC) is a joint effort organized by the South Carolina, Central Virginia, Central Carolina, Blue Ridge, and Charlotte chapters of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). One of the most intimate and affordable hospitality conferences of 2024, MSARC focuses on continuing education and connecting hospitality and event professionals in the Mid-South Atlantic region. Whether you’re a vendor or supplier, if you have a tight conference budget, this might be the event for you.  

Top 2024 hospitality technology and data conferences  

Newly developed technology influences the hospitality industry every single year. It affects how businesses operate, brands market their products, and consumers interact with them. Keep up with the latest hotel, event, and hospitality technology to outshine the competition and better protect your customers.  

  1. HITEC 2024 | Charlotte, NC | June 24-27 

If you like keeping up with the latest in hotel tech, you won’t want to miss the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC), the largest and longest-running technology event in the hospitality industry. Over three days, more than 50 headliners will conduct valuable, informative sessions discussing the hottest trends in events, travel, industry-wide topics, and technological innovations. Explore cutting-edge technology from over 325 companies to find solutions and tools for supercharging your business.  

  1. Hotel Data Conference | Nashville, TN | August 7-9 

Registration for the 15th annual Hotel Data Conference begins in March 2024. Get in line to learn from the greatest revenue management minds in the hospitality industry, who are ready to show you better ways to use and protect hotel data. From the STR report to business intelligence tools, attendees will learn, network, collaborate, and uncover the latest news in hospitality data, data availability, and how to use it.  

  1. Event Tech Live | Las Vegas, NV | May 1-2 

The only hospitality conference exclusively dedicated to event technology, Event Tech Live will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada again this May. In addition to key networking opportunities and empowering keynote speakers, conference attendees have access to workshops led by leaders in event technology. A variable “Who’s Who” of event technology leaders, Apple, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and NASA are just a few companies that participate. If you’re tied up in May, there’s a second opportunity to attend the event in London in November.  

Top hospitality conferences for restaurants, venues, and event planners  

Hospitality conferences aren’t only for hoteliers. If you work in events, run a wedding venue, manage a restaurant, or operate a similar hospitality business, these conferences might be right for you.  

  1. The Event Planner Expo | New York City, NY | Oct 15-17 

This is the perfect conference for event and marketing professionals looking to connect with more than 5,000 like-minded individuals from the hospitality industry. This year’s expo will host more than 50 speakers over three days. Attend The Event Planner Expo to launch products, gain business insights, attend corporate seminars, and rub shoulders with industry experts.  

  1. HRC 2024 | London, England |March 25-27 

The Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering (HRC) show is one of the most globally recognized and celebrated gatherings of foodservice and hospitality professionals worldwide. With more than 30,000 attendees expected, HRC 2024 is an invaluable opportunity to engage with industry experts, discover the latest trends, find new suppliers, or showcase your products. Bringing hotels and restaurants together, this annual event is a fabulous chance for buyers to taste, test, and source the best products.  

  1. SHFM National Conference | Baltimore, Maryland | September 9-11 

This September, hospitality and foodservice professionals will flock to the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront to attend the 2024 Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management (SRFHFM) Conference. At this year’s event, attendees can expect to uncover the latest trends affecting the hospitality and foodservice industries, explore the hottest foods, and identify opportunities to address hunger awareness. 

Other exciting hospitality conference opportunities in 2024  

With so many exciting hospitality conferences happening in 2024, there’s no way they could all make our list. While we’ve highlighted some of the most massive and influential events this year, there are many other exciting hospitality conferences to consider depending on your region, business, and objectives, like— 

  1. Digital Travel Summit | Austin, TX | October 7-8 

Are you interested in or have insights to share on the future of digital travel? If so, consider attending this year’s Digital Travel Summit at the Hyatt Regency in sunny Austin, Texas. The top minds in transportation, OTA travel, and hotels will join to collaborate and create new, better strategies for improving digital travel. From improving cross-channel marketing campaigns to enhancing personalization strategies, attendees will uncover new ways to find business, learn better customer retention strategies, and discover how to create better consumer experiences.  

  1. Women Leading Travel and Hospitality Summit | Charlotte, NC | June 10-12 

Empowering, educational, and invitation-only, the Women Leading Travel & Hospitality Summit celebrates executives and industry innovators impacting the world’s leading hospitality and travel brands. From collaborating on business strategies to dissecting the latest trends in events, travel, and hotel technology, the summit includes activities designed to inspire and connect professional women leading the industry.  

The event is organized by Women Leading Travel & Hospitality, an organization of game-changing entrepreneurs ready to disrupt travel and hospitality. The event centers on the organization’s genuine desire to inspire other women to improve and conquer challenges in both their professional and personal lives.  

  1. The Glamping Show | Aurora, CO | October 1-2 

Glamping Show Americas will hold another event in October, bringing luxury travel hobbyists, prospective business owners, and hoteliers together. Attendees will gather at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds to explore the luxury camping business.  

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a relatively new and ever-increasing travel and hospitality sector. If you’re interested in funding, running, or growing a glamping business, consider registering for the 2-day event. Connect with like-minded individuals and explore the world of luxurious, sustainable travel.  

Mark your calendar with the top hospitality conferences of 2024 

Now that you know which top hospitality conferences you want to attend, let’s continue looking forward. Next, we’re exploring the top 8 technology trends to track in 2024.