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Friday Finds: 16 Hospitality In-Room Technology Trends

If you’ve ever dreamed of your property reaching the same level as the ones listed on Forbes’ roundup of best hotel rooms around the world, this list is for you. In-room hospitality technology trends, such as the ones listed here, can help you save money, attract more guests, and give guests more of what they…

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Tech Thursday: Inside the Latest Hospitality Technology Innovation

Next generation hospitality technology is already changing the way we feed guests, market properties, and even enter rooms. Here are some ways to use hospitality technology innovations and stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends.  16 Creative Ways Hoteliers Can Incorporate the Latest Hospitality Technology Innovations Learn how to use these cool tools,…

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Friday Finds: How to Create Hotel Workspace to Boost Revenue

With the rise of bleisure travel, remote working, and the gig economy, many hotels are seeing more travelers than ever who want to work from their space. Gone are the days when the most important parts of the hotel were the guest rooms. Instead, travelers are spending time in areas that were previously transient: lobbies,…

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Friday Finds: What Millennials Want in a Hotel

Millennials desire experiences—over things. Travel and adventure are priorities for this generation. But Millennials aren’t traveling the same way, on the same timeline, with the same technology, or with the same expectations as their parents. Why is the Millennial market important to hotels?  According to the Pew Research Center, the Millennial generation— born between 1981…

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Hotel asset management

Tips Tuesday: 4 Must-Know Tips for Long-Term Hotel Asset Management

Hotels are a specialist asset class requiring active and focused oversight. If bought, developed, operated and disposed of at the appropriate time, they can serve as dynamic income producing assets for owners and investors. But the hotel industry is a cyclical industry that closely follows a country’s economic peaks and troughs. A strategic asset management…

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