Personalize Guest Experience

5 Ways Hoteliers Can Personalize Guest Experiences

Guests seek experiences and they like to talk about them. By going the extra mile you can reap the incredible benefits of your guests’ verbal and online praise. Here’s how to do it.

1. Handwritten notes

Delight your guests with handwritten notes recognizing birthdays, celebrations, or simply thanking them for staying at your hotel. A guest that stayed at the Ritz Carlton Cleveland raved about her stay on TripAdvisor, noting that the hotel staff slipped a handwritten card under her door apologizing for a previous WIFI glitch and assuring her that there would be no WIFI charge (and that they would comp her parking fees!) for the rest of her stay.

2. Managing Twitter to provide care

Guests tweet information that can help your staff make a great impression. Recognizing Twitter’s potential, Hyatt created a Twitter Concierge position to answer guests’ questions 24/7. Look out for guests who have lost their baggage or missed their flights before arriving and offer them a room upgrade or a complimentary cocktail.

3. Surprise guests with in-room amenities

Ask guests prior to or upon arrival whether they are celebrating anything special during their stay, and if their answer is yes then help them celebrate! The Rosewood Crescent Hotel impressed a guest by providing him with chocolate and champagne on his birthday, which he then documented on Twitter.

4. Rooms that reflect guest’s tastes

Personalize your guests’ experiences by leveraging information gained from social media or booking and check-in. The Palomar in Washington, DC catered to a loyal guest’s exercise preferences by providing her a room with a stationary bike situated in front of the room’s secondary TV screen.

5. Insider tips

Guests seek authentic, local experiences in their travel destination and you’ll strengthen your brand reputation by providing them with insider tips on the best things to do and see. Realizing the popularity of this travel trend, Red Lion Hotels launched microsites to help guests plan their vacations. Use your hotel’s website to see which attraction links are the most popular and enhance the quality of your online presence. You can also make it truly authentic by crowdsourcing your own staff’s favorite “hidden” spots.

Any other above and beyond experiences that you’ve seen?

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