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Can Voice-Activated Hotel Rooms Increase Customer Satisfaction?

In the hotel business, customer satisfaction is your key to success. Happy customers lead to increased occupancy rates, repeat business and a marketing team’s best friend: word of mouth. That’s why, in the age of rating sites like TripAdvisor, the importance of a happy customer shouldn’t be underestimated. So, with all that advanced hotel tech out there, what kind of in-room technology can give you the biggest boost in customer satisfaction? Here we break down the voice-activated hotel room and what it can do for your guests.

A voice-activated hotel room saves time.

The screen rules the modern world. From tablets to smartphones, people are spending more and more time in front of them. We get news the second it breaks, communicate with people on the other side of the world, and stream entertainment. While this is amazing as far as convenience goes, it’s leading to growing consumer impatience in our society. We want things instantly. And if something isn’t offered fast, w’re probably going to go elsewhere.

A voice-activated hotel room is one way to save your guests the time they value so much.

On average, guests in a hotel room spend 12 minutes adjusting the thermostat, figuring out the lighting, fiddling with the shower taps, and playing with the TV. Couple that 12 minutes with the convenience of not having to figure out a new world of switches, and you’ve got a happy customer.

In voice-activated hotel rooms, people can walk in and set everything just the way they want it right away. They can adjust the temperature and turn on the TV just by speaking. This leaves them with more time to enjoy their stay, explore the mini-bar, and flip through the TV. (Because let’s face it, those are the first things we all do when we get in a room.)

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It gives guests a personalized experience.

We all want to feel special. So providing a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience is a sure-fire way to get your guests to come back. With voice-activated hotel rooms, you have a powerful partner in helping them feel more at home in their rooms. That’s because rooms with this type of technology can communicate with the computers downstairs where guests check in.

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That means your room can learn the names of current guests, how many people are staying, and cater specifically to them all. Instead of a cookie-cutter hotel room, your guests get a personalized temporary pad.

People might be a little wary at first, but that’s only until they get a taste of a more streamlined and enjoyable experience. It’ll make the guests feel more welcome, more comfortable, and more impressed in their rooms. Which means that they’ll feel more like coming back next time their in town.

It’s a perk that can help you market.

Like most technology, voice-activated rooms will probably become the norm way sooner than we may think. But for the now, it’s relatively exclusive — and things that are exclusive have lots of allure. Since they won’t find the feature elsewhere, people are going to want to stay in your hotel to experience it. That goes double for the type of guest looking for a luxury stay.

Plus, a good hotel room makes guests feel special and is a huge determinate of whether or not they enjoy their trip. So when they go home and tell everyone about their vacation, they’ll surely tell them about the fantastic hotel they stayed in and how the room was voice-activated. And when it comes to hotel marketing, we all know that a word of mouth review can do more than any digital ad or TV commercial.

Have doubts about including voice-activated technology in your rooms? We want to hear! Just let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below.

Drive direct group sales 
and foster planner loyalty.

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