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The Best Photo Booth Printers for Instagram at Events

In the age of Instagram, most avid users of the app would kill for a way to save their beloved, filtered pictures. Event planners aren’t so different!

To really keep the essence of an event alive and well, hospitality professionals are turning to a number of hashtag photo booth printers to make better use of the mobile picture phenomenon. To get you started, here’s a list of the five best options for printing your next event photo.

Discover the Best Instagram Photo Booth Printers for Events

1.) Photoboxx is a great photo booth printer.

Attendees take photos on their phones from wherever they’d like, capturing the entire event. They then upload their photos to Instagram or Twitter with the event’s designated hashtag, and Photoboxx monitors that hashtag and prints tagged photos for the attendees to keep.

2.) The SnapBar works well for printing photo booth photos at events.

Using a unique hashtag, guests take and edit photos at your event and upload them to Twitter or Instagram. All of your guests’ photos automatically printed with custom designs and branding that include your marketing message.

3.) Luster is a great photo booth printer.

Take a photo from anywhere at the event, post it to Instagram with the event’s hashtag, and and Luster produces 2”x3” prints branded with your logo, the date, and the guest’s Instagram handle.

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4.) #Photobooth works for printing event photos.

Guests print their own photos on a branded template. Post a photo to Instagram or Twitter using a hashtag created for the event, and let #photobooth take care of the rest.

5.) Red Robot Photobooths is another option for printing event photo booth pictures.

No cameras or lighting necessary. The InstaPod uses guest cameras and the natural setting to automatically print each photo with a custom designated border and logos. Guests can also scroll through the images on the touchscreen for reprints and to share to Facebook.

Now You’re Ready to Get the Best Photo Booth Printer for Your Event!

Whether you’re in the market to get into some high-end developing or are just looking to point and shoot, the printing here is all the same! Utilize this list to keep your event vibes going both on and off mobile platforms.

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