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Discover the 6 Best Floor Plan Software Options to Make Diagramming a Breeze

If you’re still sketching meeting room layouts on a whiteboard, it might be time to bring a floor plan maker to this crucial step of your event planning.

When you find a tool to help design your meeting or event space, you save yourself hours of time. A good floor plan software can take care of rendering spaces, placing tables and chairs, and even filling seating charts. And if the software can do all this for you, that means you can focus on creating a more delightful meeting, conference, wedding or any other event. 

Let’s take a look at the 6 best floor plan software tools:

1. Vivien

There’s a lot packed into this intuitive software for event professionals. Vivien gives you tools such as drag-and-drop floor plan diagramming and 2D and 3D space renderings, so you can easily edit the layout of your meeting. Their library includes thousands of true-to-life items, bringing your event design to life on your screen. As a bonus, Vivien includes a tool for simple communication with customer success representatives.

2. Smart Draw

They say it’s “the smartest way to draw anything.” Smart Draw’s charts, graphs, and diagrams (yes, including room layout diagrams) can come in handy when planning events and for so much more. Its biggest perk for event planners? You get thousands of professional templates to start with when putting together your next great event.

3. Social Tables

Social Tables is the leading provider of cloud-based hospitality software, positioning venues to work more collaboratively and efficiently with their event and meeting customers. In fact, the meeting planner software — including a robust meeting layout tool — has been used by planners and properties to create more than three million successful events. Seamlessly engineer pockets of interactivity between guests by adding social items such as high-tops and lounge chairs, all while working on the go.

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4. PartyCAD

For steadfast Windows users, PartyCAD might be the way to go. It’s best known for its 3D event design software that works seamlessly in the Windows operating system. Colorful diagramming options also provide an aesthetically pleasing option when looking to keep items organized.

5. Room Viewer

Room Viewer offers quick, easy and cost-effective ways to prepare event diagrams. This technology gives you an abundance of shape packages to work with when building out a unique space. Additionally, you can make your own personal schematics for an event (or pass it along to Room Viewer’s talented staff, who can take the reins).

6. Sketchup

There’s a bit of a learning curve when you start using Sketchup, but once you get the hang of it, this software can make a huge difference on how you plan. It’s not specifically designed for meetings and events, but since you can place any 3D object in a space, it’s possible to create a very customized look for your event If you’re comfortable with 3D modeling tools and have the extra time Sketchup should work fine for your needs. Just don’t try to put it on your french fries. 🙂

Forget ever having to erase and manually rearrange another event layout ever again. With any of these 6 best floor plan software options, you’re on your way to modern-day event planning. Don’t believe us? Give ’em a try!

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