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14 Amazing Event Marketing Examples

Marketing events are about more than keynote speakers and giving out free pens in a crowded conference room. 

The successful events – the events that give attendees a fulfilling feeling when they leave – provide educational experiences, opportunities to connect with people in an industry, and exciting environments. 

In this article, we provide examples of marketing events that are truly amazing. We also talk about why they are amazing. 

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1. Barbie’s LA Premiere

15|40 Productions orchestrated the event with Warner Brothers aiming to create a captivating ‘Barbie Land‘ experience, meticulously adapting cinematic worlds to an arrivals carpet format.

Gillian Deeds, senior producer at 15|40, emphasized the significance of guest flow and experience, revealing Warner Bros.’ focus on accommodating 400 fans with prime viewpoints. Collaborative efforts with scenic experts came to life in impeccable shades of pink with fun customizations at every turn.

The designers meticulously translated the film’s minutiae, down to paint hues from the production designer’s palette, to bring this event marketing vision to life.

Why this event is amazing: The event featured star Margot Robbie striking a pose amidst standout elements like the pink slide and pool, offering guests a nostalgic yet tactile environment brimming with life and allure, an approach Deeds urged fellow planners to embrace for unforgettable memories.

2. Funko’s Dogg House

One of Funko’s latest collaborations is an exciting partnership with Snoop Dogg. Together, the brand and mogul created “Tha Dogg House,” a unique retail destination located in Inglewood, California.

This one-of-a-kind location offered an immersive fan experience with captivating features such as photo-friendly murals, larger-than-life Funko Pops!, and a range of exclusive collectibles. Their on-site store also offered an array of products, including Funko Pop! figures, GOLD collectibles, Pop! Albums, and even limited-edition crossovers of Snoop Dogg in his favorite sports gear.

Why this event is amazing: Snoop Dogg himself introduced the virtual tour in a video, adding a personal touch to the excitement. It just goes to show that a single collaboration can make an event truly spectacular.

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3. Cvent CONNECT

This conference is packed with sessions for event planners, marketers, hoteliers, unique venues, and more, hands-on learning, peer networking, and insights into the latest technology. 

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Cvent CONNECT brings together 4,000 event marketing professionals, hospitality professionals, and technology professionals. 

Why this event is amazing: Roundtable discussions, customer-led best practice sessions, trade show appointments, and evening event experiences offer everything you could need to improve your event marketing this year.

4. Project Open Squish

Stuffed animal maker Squishable is a self-proclaimed democracy that relies on direct feedback from its customers. Project Open Squish allows anyone across the globe to submit designs. An annual poll helps the company decide which animal will be created next.

Why this event is amazing: Squishable is able to engage fans with this evergreen event each year by allowing consumers to design and/or pick the next options to be added to the lineup.

5. SXSW Online 2021

The virtual SXSW conference maintained its reputation as a hub for creative innovation by successfully transitioning its diverse range of music, film, technology, and culture content into an interactive online format. In the face of global challenges, the event seamlessly translated SXSW’s content into an engaging online experience for viewers and visitors. Despite a disjointed and increasingly-virtual world, the conference managed to be as entertaining as ever.

Why this event is amazing: SXSW Online 2021 stands out due to its adept adaptation from a renowned in-person conference into a virtual format, event marketing and all.

6. Beat Beethoven 5K

The Beat Beethoven 5K takes place annually in Fairbanks, Alaska. Hosted by the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra, anyone that crosses the finish line before Beethoven’s 5th Symphony concludes gets a voucher to enjoy any of the following season’s concerts.

What makes this event amazing: Some of the most successful event marketing examples, like this one, often include the cross-section of community-supported events and grassroots marketing. And free stuff!

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7. The Pleasure Auction

Magnum Ice Cream launched its most indulgent flavor, the Double Gold Caramel Billionaire, in Singapore with an innovative twist. They introduced the Magnum Pleasure Auction, a unique mobile-based live auction experience where participants used Magnum Gold Coins to bid on over 2,000 limited-edition Magnum-inspired items designed by local artists, including digital wallpapers, accessories, cosmetics, and more.

Players earned coins through game missions, challenges, referrals, and ice cream purchases, resulting in remarkable engagement – drawing 121,000 visitors with an average playtime of 6.5 minutes, 500,000 brand interactions, and 2.5 billion coins spent in the auction.

What makes this event amazing: Gamification has been a buzzword in recent years thanks to the popularity of esports and changing tastes of the post-COVID consumer. That’s why this brilliant approach to event marketing scored major points with fans.

8. Google Marketing Live EMEA

In 2022, Google transformed its significant event, Google Marketing Live EMEA, by embracing a “people-first” philosophy, ushering in a fresh approach to business. The event redefined hybrid B2B experiences by prioritizing human interaction and fostering curiosity, creativity, and community through “whole-self design.”

This innovative strategy encompassed:

  • Eight bespoke interactive product experiences
  • Talks simplifying complex Google products
  • A keynote session that seamlessly connected the audience and speakers
  • And a reshaping of the Networking Moment to spark meaningful conversations for subsequent roundtables and breakouts

What makes this event amazing: By emphasizing authentic customer connections while also adhering to sustainability goals, GML EMEA 2022 marked a triumphant return to live events as they simultaneously nurtured relationships, understanding, and their future customer base.

9. Build the Change: Fly Away Isles

LEGO, championing the value of play for cognitive development and well-being, recognized the lack of priority given to play spaces in many cities worldwide, especially in socio-economically disadvantaged areas. Partnering with west Harlem-based NGO Brotherhood Sister Sol, LEGO shifted focus to empowering the community’s young minds, channeling their creativity through play to effect positive change.

By collaborating with 30 children from Brotherhood Sister Sol, thousands of LEGO bricks were transformed into Fly Away Isles, New York City’s inaugural playspace envisioned and designed by kids.

What makes this event amazing: This vibrant and imaginative playspace, adorned with rocket ships, volcanoes, and friendly creatures, reflects the children’s innovative ideas, redefined play’s impact in the community and fostering learning through joyful exploration.

10. Aston Martin DBX707 Reveal

Aston Martin’s desire to globally unveil its latest luxury SUV, the DBX, led to an innovative virtual event orchestrated by Connect Live. Staged at LH2 Studios, the 40-meter-wide fully digital set facilitated a striking reveal sequence, with the SUV dynamically entering the scene.

The 30-minute show, hosted by Tess Daly, spotlighted the vehicle’s design, innovation, and performance, bridging the gap for absent VIP customers and enthusiasts through a linear baton.

The event’s impact reverberated worldwide via YouTube live stream and a custom website, garnering half a million views and extensive social media engagement from influencers.

What makes this event amazing: This extraordinary virtual experience (featuring high-quality broadcast techniques and captivating presentation content) transcended the norm by successfully engaging a global audience and leaving a lasting ripple effect with the help of a dynamic use of technology.

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11. MET AMS Metaverse Festival Amsterdam

Held in June, 2022, MET AMS became the premier metaverse festival in Europe. Over four dynamic days, this pioneering event featured a multifaceted program including enlightening keynotes, engaging panels, insightful talks, and interactive workshops.

Showcasing the innovation of over 100 thought leaders, artists, and brands, MET AMS didn’t just delve into the impact of NFTs and the metaverse across a wide range of art forms but it also addressed vital themes (think diversity, inclusion, and sustainability).

Why this event is amazing: The festival promised an immersive experience, bridging the gap between metaverse concepts and real-world applications, making it an unparalleled and enriching conference on the horizon.

12. Slider Lover’s Point

White Castle marked its 30th anniversary of Valentine’s Day celebrations in a COVID-friendly way after the pandemic’s peak in 2021. Calling back to the 1950s, White Castle produced the Slider Lover’s Point, which offered a classic drive-in experience. Think carhop service, a brochure full of festive Valentine’s Day activities to amuse yourself while you wait for your food, and even a customized Spotify playlist.

Why this event is amazing: Event marketing examples like the Slider Lover’s Point from White Castle prove that you can reach your audience with fun and unique experiences, even in extreme circumstances. 

13. A Perfect Planet Promotion

To promote their new program that touches on the impact of humanity on the environment and climate, BBC “burned” a billboard in Manchester. The “flames” were actually environmentally friendly vapor that appeared to burn half of the billboard for a remarkable display. The event did seek proper oversight for safety. They also assured everyone who experienced it that it was merely a demonstration.

Why this event is amazing: Without cramming people together in a small space, this showcase of OOH, or out-of-home, media proves visual art and guerilla marketing are a powerful way to reach a large audience even if there aren’t any formal RSVPs involved.

14. Viva Las Vengeance

Netflix makes the list again, not surprisingly, with its promotional efforts for its original movie Army of the Dead. The brand created a unique virtual reality (VR) experience called Viva Las Vengeance in true Netflix fashion. Consumers enter a virtual zombie-hunting world in Las Vegas by proxy of an armored taco truck, which later provides themed concessions like Viva Burritos.

Why this event is amazing: The best event marketing examples have a strong hook that can be summed up in three words or less, like “virtual zombie-hunting”. 

Here’s how to make your own event marketing memorable.

  • Make the event easily accessible: If it’s a big event, it should be hosted in a large or mid-size city where everyone can easily access it from anywhere in the world. Make the city part of your event to increase attendance
  • Provide educational experiences: People want to learn. To make your event really stand out, be sure to provide as many educational experiences as possible — and focus on making sure attendees leave with tools they can use to do their jobs better, starting the next day. 
  • Look for ways to make your event unique: Take advantage of event planning trends. Some events have a huge, entertaining parties. Others focus on their unique community of attendees. And other events bring in celebrities to speak. But you don’t need celebrities or entertainment to make an event a hit. You can make your event stand out in your own unique way, by making it easy to connect with other attendees through coffee networking hours, ice-breaker games, and more.
  • Incorporate the right tools to help plan: You can’t do this all on your own. Incorporate the right tools to help you plan the event, including an event planning tool and diagramming.

Want to learn even more about creating the best event marketing? Set your event up for success by creating the best event planning timeline.

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