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Tech Thursday: 12 Event & Wedding Planning Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

Event planning podcasts are a fantastic way to spark creative ideas, stay up to date on the latest event planning software and event tech, and learn from top professionals across the industry. Explore our list of 12 must-hear podcasts for event planners—whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced pro. 

We’ve included podcasts that discuss all things event planning, plus a few that cover business, hospitality, travel, and creativity—crossover subjects that can help you grow! You’ll find hundreds of episodes covering topics from event marketing to unique outdoor wedding venues, along with practical tips from top event planners and industry thought leaders. 

Use your go-to podcast app (whether it’s Stitcher, TuneIn, PodBean, or another) to curate an interesting and informative playlist. Then enjoy when you’re driving to venue visits or getting ready in the morning. Listen, laugh, and learn—the best kind of multitasking.   

1. Turn of Events from Social Tables

Why listen: This podcast brings you the latest in event planning, and is the perfect solution for those who prefer to listen to absorb insights, rather than read. In every episode Social Tables shares actionable takeaways you can implement to get better results with your events, driving repeat business. Get the keys to impressing potential clients and saving time during event setup. Reduce your stress levels today with easy listening!

Past guests: This podcast features the Social Tables narrator giving step-by-step insights to improve event planning results. This simple “how-to” format makes for easy listening during your commute and downtimes. You can even listen as you work.

Recent topics: Get ideas for creating the best seating chart to match your event objective; clever ideas to attract more clients; and top event planning trends to take advantage of this year.

Podcast schedule: New episodes released every Friday.

1. #EventIcons

Why listen: Created by Will Curran, founder of event production company Hello Endless, this podcast is a must-subscribe for the industry. Curran (along with a rotating roster of hosts) interviews icons and up-and-comers in the events industry, and the discussions range from the familiar to the unexpected. The show has a welcoming vibe and is endlessly informative for newcomers and seasoned professionals. #EventIcons is also available in a recorded video format if you prefer watching.

Past guests: Leaders from Red Frog Events, ReedPop, and South By Southwest, as well as David Adler, the founder of BizBash. 

Recent topics: The role of behavioral science in event design, the power of client gifts, event industry transparency, and theatrical event design.

Podcast schedule: New episodes released every Monday.

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2. GatherGeeks 

Why listen: BizBash, a leader in event industry resources, news, and trends, produces this weekly podcast. BizBash CEO, David Adler, and Editor-in-Chief, Beth Kormanik often host, with other BizBash leaders also taking the mic regularly. GatherGeeks features in-depth conversations with noted event professionals, including planners, production designers, venue managers, caterers, and entertainers. Guests discuss the global meeting industry, high-impact live events, creative inspiration, city-wide festivals, non-profit fundraisers, and more, giving listeners an insider’s perspective and a weekly masterclass in event planning. 

Past guests: Cas Edwards of Pop-Up Magazine, Richard Attias of Richard Attias & Associates, and Matt Vaile of Shopify. 

Recent topics: The Washington Post’s live event strategy, the difference between decorating and designing, and what makes truly ‘buzzworthy’ events. 

Podcast schedule: New episode released every Tuesday.

3. How Great Events Happen

Why listen: Produced by Cvent, a leading hospitality and meeting management technology company, How Great Events Happen focuses on the big picture of event planning. Each episode helps event planners, designers, and venues stay up to date with essential issues and trends in the industry. The episodes are concentrated doses of actionable, must-know information for a fast-changing industry, with topics ranging from on-trend event design to event planning accessibility to women in the events industry. Launched in May 2019, the first series of 10 podcasts features prominent Cvent event leaders and notable global event professionals. 

Past guests: The Cvent team behind Cvent CONNECT, Brian Ludwig, Cvent’s Senior VP of Sales, and Tony Wagner of CWT Meetings & Events. 

Recent topics: Data privacy laws, the importance of inclusive events, and the role of event professionals in reducing human trafficking.

Podcast schedule: New episode released every Wednesday (during each 10-episode series).

4. Lodging Leaders

Why listen: The events and hospitality industries are intertwined; this podcast keeps you up to date on important trends in tourism, lodging, and city-wide events, and hotel-based events. Lodging Leaders’ hosts Jon Albano and Judy Maxwell talk with industry thought leaders about hospitality strategies, statistics, and disruptions, using real-world examples to illustrate key issues and keep the conversation lively. 

Past guests: Talene Staab, global head of Tru by Hilton, Bobby Patel of Hotel Investment Group, and Mark Woodworth of CBRE Hotels Americas.

Recent topics: The disruptive effect of Airbnb, apprenticeships in hospitality, wellness travel, and loyalty program fraud. 

Podcast schedule: New episode released every Wednesday. 

5. Bridechilla

Why listen: Though brides are the target audience, wedding planners will appreciate the irreverent, NSFW vibe and the endless stream of tips from featured wedding planners. Hosted by Aleisha McCormack, a comedian, author, and the founder of Bridechilla, the podcast covers a range of topics including managing family issues, wedding budgets, navigating vendor and venue relationships, and reducing wedding stress. A regular Q&A offers unique insights into what today’s bride wants most from her special day. 

Past guests: Shannah Compton of Your Millennial Money Podcast, wedding photographer and author Cavin Elizabeth, and Michelle Durpetti of Michelle Durpetti Events.

Recent topics: Blending culture and faith into weddings, minimizing decision fatigue, marriage for marriage-skeptics, and a grooms-only Q&A.

Podcast schedule: New episode released every Sunday.

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6. Event Tech Podcast 

Why listen: Stay up to date on the latest technology in the events industry with Event Tech, the second podcast produced by Endless Events. Hosted by Brandt Krueger of Event Technology Consulting and Will Curran of Endless Events, the podcast covers the ways event tech helps improve guest experiences, the most innovative A/V technologies, and common technology snafus. Krueger and Curran launched Event Tech in 2019 as a reboot of the original podcast, which was created by event tech expert John Frederico in 2014. The casual and playful conversations delve deep into today’s event tech and get unabashedly nerdy about technology on the horizon.

Past guests: Panos Moutafis of event facial recognition company Zenus, and Rowell Dionicio, wireless networking specialist and founder of Packet6.

Recent topics: Meeting automation, event apps, using phones as event mics, interactive and VR experiences at events, and event tech on a budget.

Podcast schedule: New episode released every Sunday.

7. EventLAB

Why listen: Produced by London-based venue marketplace Hire Space, EventLAB offers roundups of the latest news and trends in events planning, as well as engaging interviews. While many of the topics are UK-centric, the podcast also highlights current issues of interest to event planners and organizers around the world. Host Edward Poland, the co-founder of Hire Space, covers a lot of ground with a rotating panel of event professionals and special guests with niche expertise. Subjects include the importance of sustainability to event attendees, the most inspiring event speakers, and experiential event planning.

Past guests: Charlotte Gentry, founder and CEO of Pure Events, Samme Allen, a conference and events facilitator, and Ken Kelling, Associate Director of Davies Tanner.

Recent topics: Nurturing the careers of event professionals, the danger of complacency at venues, and how to personalize live events.

Podcast schedule: New episode released every other Thursday.

8. Meeting Minds with Charles Eide

Why listen: Charles Eide has been planning events since he was 14 and is the founder of EideCom, a global creative event agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Along with co-host Lisa Medenhall Johnson, Eide discusses the latest event news and interviews his peers in the industry. With a focus on large-scale events, Meeting Minds covers how to engage with event content messaging, stadium bookings, event snafus, high-quality event swag, and the cost of live entertainment.

Past guests: Robert Severini, director of events for the Wildlife Conservation Society, Michael Cerbelli of Cerbelli Creative, and Lataya Williams, sales coordinator for U.S. Bank Stadium.

Recent topics: Tips for planning outdoor events, the high cost of booking event vendors late, and driving engagement for fundraising events. 

Podcast schedule: New episode released every Thursday.

9. Plannerspod

Why listen: Though Plannerspod ended production in 2016, the podcast remains a rich archive of interesting stories, and valuable event industry tips and advice. This spirited podcast was hosted by Toby Goodman and James Eager, founders of the UK-based live band production company Metropolis. Each episode features a deep dive into a specific event industry topic, such as videography, bespoke live music, comedy bookings, sound equipment rentals, and the challenge of planning events in historical venues. Listen for the highly specific industry tips, stay for the hosts’ contagious love of all things event planning.   

Past guests: Darren Poulney, founder and CEO of Smart AV, Pippa Crossman, the wedding and events planner at Berkeley Castle, and Steve Butcher of Universal Event Production.

Podcast schedule: Plannerspod ended production in 2016, but the 24 engaging episodes of the series are available wherever you get your podcasts. 

10. Women Who Travel

Why listen: Produced by Conde Nast Traveler, Women Who Travel caters to women on the move around the world—making it the perfect listen for event industry professionals. Hosts Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey answer listener questions about travel and interview trailblazing women in global food and hospitality, as well as adventure travel and travel journalism. Learn unexpected travel tips and the latest trends in hospitality and global destinations. At the end of each podcast, you’ll be inspired for your next journey, whether it’s scouting new venues for work or enjoying a well-earned vacation.  

Past guests: Kelly Sawdon, chief brand officer of Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, Missy Robbins, the chef of Brooklyn restaurants Lilia and Misi, and Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray. Love.” 

Recent topics: Minimalist packing tips, communities for travelers of color, planning road trips, and relocating abroad.

Podcast schedule: New episode released every Monday.

11. Design Matters

Why listen: Artists. Typographers. Poets. Journalists. Marketers. Debbie Millman interviews creative people across a variety of disciplines on her groundbreaking podcast Design Matters—one of the very first podcasts. This is a great show to listen when you need inspiration for your career and your life. Search for Millman’s interview with Amanda Michel and Amy Webb, the co-founders of Spark Camp, an event that brings together innovative thinkers for important conversations and positive change.

Past guests: Author Anne Lamott, pastry chef Christina Tosi, photographer Albert Watson, and technology designer Josh Higgins. 

Recent topics: Art, politics, the creative process, the importance of design in modern life, and the importance of courage and vulnerability.

Podcast schedule: New episodes and episodes from the archives released every Sunday.

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12. The Art of the Hustle

Why listen: Whether you run an event-planning startup or design events for a corporation, chances are you are no stranger to the hustle. Created by co-working company WeWork and iHeartRadio, The Art of the Hustle offers tips, tricks, and inspiration for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Past guests: Neil Blumenthal, the co-founder of Warby Parker, Tony Del Gatto, owner of Grissini and Westmount Country Club, and Peter Rahal, founder of RxBar.

Recent topics:  A conversation with Dollar Shave Club founder Michael Dubin about the comedic YouTube video that propelled his company to success, and a discussion with Hope Solo about the fight for equal pay in women’s soccer. 

Podcast schedule: No set schedule. Subscribe to get alerts about new episodes.

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