101 Event Company Name Ideas for Your Business

If you’re an aspiring event planner, you may be trying to come up with a good business name for your event management company. A clever business name is a key part of your company’s brand — don’t take this task lightly!

To help you out, check out our list of event planning business names. We’ve rounded up interesting names for party planning, wedding planning, corporate events, and more. There’s something for every type of business.

Use these ideas as a jumping-off point for brainstorming your own event management name.

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Our favorite event company name ideas

  1. A Flair to Remember
  2. A Series of Fortunate Events
  3. Affairs to Remember
  4. All-Season Events
  5. All Ways Events
  6. Alter-ations
  7. Argyle
  8. Belle of the Ball
  9. Be Our Guest
  10. Big Day
  11. Black Cloth
  12. Black Tie Productions
  13. Bowtie
  14. Celebrations
  15. Ceremony Events
  16. Checklist Event Planning
  17. (City Name) Event Planners
  18. Corporate Affairs
  19. Corroboree
  20. Down the Aisle
  21. Dream Wedding
  22. Effortless Events
  23. Elevated
  24. Enchanted Events
  25. Envisioned Events
  26. Epic Events
  27. EventAbility
  28. Event Guard
  29. Event Horizon
  30. Event Network
  31. Eventive
  32. Eventor
  33. Events Mean Business
  34. Events on (Street Name)
  35. ExcelEvent
  36. Exquisite Events
  37. Extraordinary Events
  38. Fab Functions
  39. Flawless Functions
  40. Formal Functions
  41. Fun Done
  42. Gathered
  43. Gorgeous Galas
  44. Happily Ever After
  45. Happenings
  46. iDo Events
  47. Inspired Events
  48. (Last Name) and Associates
  49. Magnificent Moments
  50. Man With a Plan
  51. Moments in Time
  52. Monumental Event Planning
  53. Occasions
  54. On Point Planning
  55. On the Agenda
  56. Ovation
  57. Outstanding Occasions
  58. Party Productions
  59. Panache
  60. Perfect Plan
  61. Phenomenal Event Planning
  62. Picture Perfect
  63. Plan and Simple
  64. PlanIt Earth
  65. Plan on It
  66. Plan on Perfection
  67. Plantastic
  68. Posh Events
  69. Precious Memories
  70. Precision Planning
  71. Pride Event Planning
  72. Pro Incidents
  73. Rare Affairs
  74. Receptions by (Name)
  75. Rel-Event
  76. Revelry
  77. Salut
  78. Serendipity
  79. Smooth Operations
  80. Social Hour Productions
  81. Something to Remember
  82. Splendid Soirees
  83. Storytellers Event Planning
  84. The Event Collective
  85. The Event Concierge
  86. The Event Corp.
  87. The Function Junction
  88. Three Cheers
  89. Turnkey Events
  90. Unforgettable Events
  91. VenYou
  92. Weddings Unveiled
  93. White Tent Events
  94. Without a Hitch
  95. Wonder Works Event Planning
  96. WOW Event Planning
  97. You’re Invited
  98. (Your Name) Events
  99. (Your Last Name) & (Business Partner Last Name)
  100. (Year) Productions
  101. 1000 Words Event Photography
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Use our list to brainstorm your own event business name

You probably won’t find the perfect name for your event planning business in the list above. That’s totally OK. Luckily, there’s a simple strategy for creating a good event company name of your own:

  1. Identify your target audience: Do you want to work with brides and grooms, large corporations, non-profits?
  2. Brainstorm the right words for that audience:
    • For corporate event planning, choose terms that are formal, powerful, and prestigious.
    • For wedding planning, your company name ideas should reflect joy, love, and longevity.
    • For party planning, a good event management name should embody celebration, happiness, and whimsy.
  3. Look for synonyms: After jotting down a list of words, use an online thesaurus to increase your pool of choices.
  4. Narrow it down: Put together a few different business name combinations, and narrow it down to 5 or 6 top picks.
  5. Check if it’s available: You want your event business name to be unique. Check if the domain name is available and if the social handles are available.
  6. Think about how it looks and sounds: Say the name aloud until it feels natural. Then find a graphic designer and get going on your logo.

What event company name do you have in mind? We’d love to know! Visit us on Twitter or Facebook and show it off loud and proud. Then, check out how our free event planning software can help knock your events out of the park.

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