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5 Must-Watch Event Webinars to Sharpen Your Planning Skills

As a meeting and event planner, you know that to stay competitive, you need to stay ahead of event industry trends and deliver cutting-edge events for your clients.

One of our favorite ways to stay on top of the game is to turn to webinars for planners. When done right, event planning webinars are jam-packed with relevant, industry intel that planners need to know.

As life-long learners at Social Tables, we jumped at the chance to tune into these five excellent event webinars.

Explore Top Event Planning Webinars to Pick Up New Ideas

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1. The Ultimate Meeting Design Playbook: How to Create Experiences That Stick is an interesting events webinar.

Hosted by:  Trevor Lynn, CMO at Social Tables; Zuzana Bozikova,
Head of Education & Creative at Slido; and David Epstein, Demand Generation Director at Bizzabo.

What it’s about: Trevor, Zuzana and David dive into why traditional meetings fall short of attendees’ shifting expectations. Along the way, they talk about redefining “meetings” as “experiences.”  And they don’t stop there. The webinar shows planners how to plan and design those experiences that will take your events to the next level.

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2. Event Website Design 101 is a helpful event planning webinar.

Hosted by: George Bartz, Marketing UX Lead at Cvent

What it’s about: A great event website needs more than great tech. It also needs creativity and empathy. To create the best website for you event, you need the right tools, a bit of web design knowledge, and an understanding of your audience needs. In this webinar, you’ll learn essential web design principles and how real people use websites. Then, you’ll learn about best practices for amazing event websites.

3. 17 Tips for Smarter Planning with Social Tables is deep-dive events webinar.

Hosted by: Trevor Lynn, CMO at Social Tables

What it’s about: This event planning video is all about saving you time. Trevor shares genius tips and tricks for speeding up every step of the event planning process. You’ll discover hacks to create floor plans faster, ways to show clients a realistic virtual view of a space, and how to develop an impressive VIP program. (And that’s just to name a few!)

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4. Mystery Solved: Inside the Minds of Event Attendees is a good event planning webinar.

Hosted by: Jonathan Wibberley, EVP and Head of West Coast at Edelman; John Hunter, Manager of Content Marketing at Cvent; and Kayla Sommers, Meetings and Events Professional

What it’s about: If your post-event surveys go mostly unanswered, then this event management webinar is for you. This recording shares the results from a survey of 3,000 people who attend multiple professional conferences a year. What do they love and hate about the events they attend? What keeps them coming back year after year? The survey included a global audience, so the learnings will apply to almost any business.

5. The Power of Personalization is a great event webinar.

Hosted by: Madison Layman, Senior Associate at Cvent

What it’s about: No two event attendees have the same experience. Why not capitalize on that and create a customized experience for everyone? In this event webinar, you’ll find out how personalization works in the event industry. Then, you’ll see how to gather the data you need to make it happen and bring it to life at the event.

Now You’re Ready to Watch the Best Events Webinars!

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Share your favorites with us on Twitter and Facebook, and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in the future. Up next, learn more with top event management blogs to read. Or discover outdoor event design trends, and get unique gala ideas.

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Have more questions about event webinars?

How do I do a free webinar?

There are several platforms where you can host a webinar for free. Cvent webinar platform is a good place to start.

How do you conduct a webinar?

Prepare a compelling, educational slideshow. Create a landing page with a signup form. Promote the webinar through several channels. Do a practice run to familiarize yourself with the timing.

What are webinars’ benefits?

Webinars allow for more significant connections with an audience than many other marketing efforts. They have more content than a short video, they are more personal than an ebook, and they are quite affordable.