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4 Event Management Courses for Planners to Stay Sharp

The event industry changes every day. And with today’s event clients wanting their events to reflect on the latest event trends and styles, you don’t want to lose potential clients because of your outdated skill set.

What can event strategists do to keep their skills relevant and up-to-date? The answer lies in continuing education through event management courses.

Explore our list of the top four event management courses to keep your skill set relevant.

1. Events Leadership Institute

The Events Leadership Institute (ELI) provides industry education via professional development courses and on-demand content. One of the best benefits of signing up with ELI is that classes are taught by and for event professionals. If you’re looking for intensive courses in a particular area such as event management fundamentals, how to charge for your events services, or technical event production, ELI is it. It’s a multi-week certificate course with an instructor-led syllabus, assignments, and assessments.

Looking for one-off courses about specific topics in events management? ELI’s On-Demand Content library has hundreds of videos on Business & Sales, Planning, Technical Production, Venues, and more. Short on time? On-demand classes are a la carte and most videos are between 30 minutes to an hour and a half, perfect for the planner on the go.

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2. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Isenberg School of Management

UMass Amherst offers a Meeting & Event Management undergraduate certificate that is perfect for both the seasoned and the novice planner. You can rest easy knowing the certificate is accredited by the Accredited Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration. Taught primarily online, students can earn their five-course certificate in under a year. The certificate can also help you prepare for the CMP exam. Each course is equivalent to 36 hours of industry-related continuing education.

3. Special Events Institute

If you want a year-long certificate or an individualized course to sharpen your skills, check out the Special Events Institute. Jill Moran, CSEP, founded the Special Events Institute (SEI) and has had a successful career in special events and is eager to share her knowledge through her online certificate program.

By signing up with SEI, students learn elements of event planning, event marketing, decor, leadership, and basics of hosting a variety of events. Students go head-first into the world of events through lectures, discussions, readings, and presentations through each course module. By learning the ropes from an industry veteran like Jill Moran, students will hear first-hand the best practices of what it takes to be successful in the events industry.

4. MPI Academy

You might be reading this and wondering how other professionals even have time in their day for continuing education. If this sounds like you, the MPI Academy may be a better fit for you. MPI Academy is built for meeting and event professionals looking for self-paced, online courses that fit their schedules. They offer on-demand education like certificate courses and instructor-led courses that cover a variety of areas within meetings and events.

If you’re looking for credit hours for your CMP, you can buy a virtual pass to watch previous World Education Congress (WEC) sessions. Students can re-live the sessions and earn contact hours. Best of all, the sessions are a la carte so you can take control of the topics you learn. Sessions span the gamut from designing event experiences to event risk management, how to stay relevant despite changes in the event industry, and how to select an event venue.

Whether you’re looking for event management courses on a single topic or a handful, look no further than these courses. By making the investment in your professional development, you’ll keep your skills relevant as the industry continues to change. There’s no doubt the event planning skills you’ll learn will aid you in delivering top-notch service to your future clients.

Up next, discover event management blogs you should read to get industry news, and check out easy event management software that will grow your skill set quickly.

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Quick answers about event management courses:

Which course is best for event management?

The four event management courses that we recommend are:
– Events Leadership Institute
– UMass Amherst, Isenberg School of Management
– Special Events Institute
– MPI Academy

How do I get certified for event planning?

There are many different event planning certifications you can acquire, usually through a combination of experience and an exam. Check these out to get started.