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5 Must-Read Catering Magazines Driving F&B Trends

The world of food and beverage moves quickly: one day it’s champagne cocktails, the next day it’s frosé. So what is a busy event strategist or catering sales professional to do? Get inspired and ahead of F&B trends in the catering world with our five favorite catering magazines. 

Discover the Inspiring Catering Magazines to Feed Your Creativity

1. Food & Wine

If you’re hunting for the newest unknown ingredient to take over your catering menu this season or want to know which food pairings are trending, Food & Wine Magazine has you covered. Catering sales managers and planners alike can stay relevant with seasonal and holiday dishes. And with tastemakers (pun intended) like food critics, chefs, and influencers contributing content, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting trusted recommendations.

For those that still love the feeling of flipping through a physical magazine, the Food & Wine’s print version are easily found in bookstores and grocery stores.

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2. Saveur

Saveur Magazine is a fantastic resource for catering managers and event planners. It’s the perfect resource that proves that you eat with your eyes first, due to their visually appealing imagery that accompanies every article. Whether you’re looking to do a deep dive into the eggplant family to do a new take on a vegetarian dish or want to learn about world food trends, Saveur will educate you along the way.

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3. Catering Magazine

Want to read one of the top catering magazines made by caterers, for caterers? Catering Magazine has articles that go in-depth into seasonal trends and dishes that you can test out on your own catering menus. One of the best features of this digital magazine is their Catering Resource Guide. This guide provides a directory of suppliers for caterers and event planners alike, such as event planning software, food service equipment, and decor.

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4. NYT Cooking

New York Times Cooking, a branch of New York Times, is a food lover’s favorite digital magazine. NYT Cooking is made for more than just the home cook. It earned a loyal following with their readership by providing easy to follow guides, tips, and recipes. For catering chefs looking to learn a new skill, their video series features world-renowed chefs who teach specific recipes for classic and new dishes.

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5. Chef Magazine

If you want to read about topics that are top of mind for a catering chef, check out Chef Magazine. Their articles are great for caterers looking for an educational resource. Caterers can get tips on training, catering equipment, or uncommon ingredients. Chef Magazine also serves up news on hotel openings which is a great way for planners to learn about new venues.

The key to sales in this day and age is earning your clients trust as a consultative partner. After you’ve proved your knowledge of their business and their goals, you can start negotiating a deal. One way to show that you’re knowledgeable is by staying up to date with the help of catering magazines.

Up next, discover the best places to find new catering clients, and give easy event diagramming a try to make it clear where every meal should go.

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Which catering magazines do you read to stay up on trends? Shoot us a tweet on Twitter!