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5 Hype-Building Hashtag Trends You Should Use to Promote Your Event

Creating a unique hashtag is one of many tried and true ways to promote your event and lets you keep up with how it’s received online. But it won’t do you much good if no one knows about it. Luckily, you can ride the coat tails of current hashtag trends to increase your reach and introduce your hashtag — and in turn your event — to the world. Here’s five to get you started:


You’ll definitely want to use this one since it’s so easy to incorporate into your social game. Just check out the over 900,000 posts on Instagram for inspiration! There are tons of ways you can use it to feature moments from your own event.

Better yet, it inspires your event attendees to share their photos using the very same hashtag. (Hello, free marketing.) All you need to do is seed the idea in your own post, and you’ll get posts of people smiling, laughing and participating in your event. In turn, you’ll spread the notion that your event is a collection of memorable moments that can’t be missed.

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Are you making something old new again in a fresh way? Or maybe there are moments in your event that are timeless? Cash in on that with this hashtag. Maybe pair it with a photo of the tastiest thing in your event’s food or drink offerings. After all, food wins friends.

This hashtag is also trending with funny posts, so you could spin it that way too. For instance, if your event is meant to be outdoors and an unexpected rain is on the way, pair it with a pic of the umbrellas you grab at the last minute. It’ll give you a funny way to tell people you’ll have them covered (and promote your event!).


People love jumping pics and have wanted to be in them ever since they saw their first stop-action jump in a commercial or ad. So make attendees’ Instagram dreams come true by setting up a spot at the event where they can take solo or group jumping shots. Then, take those photos and post them using both #jumpstagram and your own soon-to-be hashtag trends.

Your participants will get a kick out of seeing their own and others’ jumps. And don’t limit the post to Instagram — share it on other sites like Facebook as well. Attendees will want to tag themselves to save the pic, so they’ll get a constant reminder of your awesome event.


Your event has a purpose. Whatever it is that you’re bringing to the world can be highlighted with this hashtag. In addition to Instagram, it’s trending on Twitter and Facebook, too.

With a hashtag like this, you have the opportunity to showcase your purpose in a really visual way. Also, it gives you a chance to pair your photos with written content that explains why your event matters and how it’s making a difference. Just use a pic of your event’s story in action and top it with other meaningful hashtags. Then, add a sentence or two in the description about what it means to be a part of that story.


This hashtag trend gives you the leverage to show how fun your event is. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to say why your event is a happy place to be.

Maybe your event’s cause ties into an inspirational theory of happiness. Or, maybe it’s the happy moments that remind people why they have such a good time every year. Either way, using this hashtag helps reach people looking for happy posts, and makes them associate that feeling with your event. Not to mention it gives participants impetus to post their own pics and thoughts on how your event relates to their own happiness.

Bonus: Using the Right Hashtag Trends at the Right Time

Schedule your use of hashtag trends. Social media sites, particularly Instagram, pick top posts to feature by the speed at which the post gains engagement. If you schedule your post to coincide with your target’s peak usage on social media, then you’ll have a higher chance of scoring with the algorithms that can bring your event into the limelight.

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