20 Fresh Fundraising Event Ideas for Any Organization

Executing a high-earning fundraiser with an abundance of community support relies heavily on volunteers and sponsorships, as well as space and product donations. Successful fundraisers raise 4-5X the revenue they spent hosting the event and consistently sell out, year after year. It can be difficult to find fundraising event ideas that are both affordable for…

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Cloud storage tips for events

Q&A: What Does an Event Planner Do?

Whether planning private celebrations, non-profit fundraisers, or corporate conferences, the goal of the event planner is to visualize their client’s idea and then bring that vision to life. But how do event planners accomplish this task? What does an event planner do, exactly? In this article, we break down what event planning is. We look…

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wedding planner working on laptop

Event Invitation Emails: a Deep Dive

Email plays an important role in the success of any event. Whether it’s a casual happy hour or a hybrid seminar, event organizers can use their event invitation email to sell out their gathering. But how do you write an event invitation email that converts? Whether you’re working on your first campaign or your fiftieth,…

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Sales and catering coordinator tips

10 Client Appreciation Event Ideas Customers Love

Whether you’re a part of a Fortune 500 company or are running a boutique hair salon out of your home, your business wouldn’t exist without clients. Showering clients with appreciation can help businesses, large and small, build a base of loyal customers, especially now, as we head into the holiday season. While some leaders choose…

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digital drawing of event planning notebook

10 Corporate Event Ideas to Excite All Your Guests

Looking for corporate event ideas that people actually get excited about? Banish boring and overdone corporate events with help from this blog post. We’ll teach you how to spice up any business gathering with the right decor, entertainment, and more. Corporate events get a bad rap. If the event is for internal teams, many attendees…

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illustration showing group of people talking at resident event

45 Resident Event Ideas That Actually Work

Planning and hosting fun events is a wonderful way for property managers to connect with residents. In addition to brightening the atmosphere of resident life, events can show the property’s appreciation and improve communication between residents and building owners. Event planners and property managers know, however, that getting residents to attend events isn’t always easy.…

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3D rendering of city skyline

15 Community Event Ideas That Bring People Together

Hosted in cities and towns all over the world, community events bring people together. Community events are perfect for promoting positive change, and there’s opportunity for improvement in every community. Ranging from locally-attended small-town chili cook-offs to massive national parades attracting tens of thousands of people, community event ideas come in all shapes and sizes. …

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Sketch of A/V system set up for virtual event

18 Virtual Event Engagement Ideas You Should Try

As event planners worldwide shifted strategies to meet the ever-changing needs caused by COVID-19, virtual and hybrid events skyrocketed. Even as in-person events return, many businesses and event planners plan to keep the virtual event trend alive. With virtual and hybrid events becoming a standard part of industry operations, event planners and organizers are on…

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cell phones, coffee mugs and papers on a desk

Top Event Technology Trends: 6 Must-Know Innovations for 2022 and Beyond

Knowing event technology trends ” and adopting the most valuable ones ” gives planners and venues the competitive advantage. Studies show that using event technology can increase attendance by 20 percent and increase productivity by 27 percent.  But with new event technologies emerging constantly, how do you know which ones to consider? From design through…

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Hotel asset management

5 of the Top Event Planning Conferences in 2022

The event industry has had to adapt even more than usual over the past couple of years. In 2021, many national conferences and conventions became hybrid affairs, offering both virtual attendance options in addition to (or sometimes in place of) in-person attendance. Event industry professionals all over the globe have seen incredible changes shape their…

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3d rendering of a convention center

6 Event Trends That Will Shake Up Meetings & Group Business in 2022

Events have undergone some major changes over the last couple of years. From the lingering effects of the pandemic still impacting businesses to the major shift in societal attitudes about employment, social issues are making a big impact on 2022 event trends.  In this blog post, we’re digging into some of those event trends. We…

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illustration showing smartphone screen with Facebook and Twitter icons

How to Promote an Event on Twitter: 21 Tips for Success

In an increasingly technological world, event promotion isn’t just about pounding the pavement anymore. Whether you’re attempting to drive ticket sales to a corporate convention, wellness retreat, music festival, or monthly farmer’s market, advertising on social media could help increase attendance at your event. With over 211 million Twitter users reported last quarter, learning how to…

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