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The Cost of the Equipment Needed for an Event Planning Business: 20 Must-Have Supplies

Event planning usually holds a top spot on lists of low-cost business ideas. That’s because overhead costs are minimal and you can launch your startup from home until you build a client base. Still, a great event company name, an abundance of creativity, and top-notch organizational skills alone aren’t enough to get started in event…

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How to Diversify Your Event Business

Is It Time to Diversify and Grow Your Event Planning Business?

In a competitive industry like events, one of the only ways that a business can gain an advantage is to appeal to a broader population through diversification of products and services. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to change up your offerings and make progress towards your long-term goals. Diversifying is advantageous as it allows you…

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Starting an Event Planning Business? Do These 6 Things First

There are a lot of things to consider when starting an event planning business. To help you figure out how to start your business, I wanted to share a few key pieces that were vital to me when I was researching and starting a successful event business! Here’s How to Start an Event Planning Business…

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Tech Thursday: Is 3D or CAD Event Software Best for Your Planning Business?

Standing out in the event planning industry takes more than on-demand creativity and top-notch organizational skills. Those are essential, of course, but the ability to share your vision”and fast”with current and potential clients is also critical.  To create shareable event visuals, planners and event designers turn to 3D event design software and CAD (computer-assisted design).…

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Event Statistics: 17 Current Planning Stats that Could Change Your Business Today

Earlier this year, we started a little Social Tables tradition we like to call Friday Finds. The idea? End every week with a bit of knowledge about this crazy, compelling industry that we all know and love. Each week, we email a short survey to a mix of over 23,000 planners, venues, and hotels. And…

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ebook – 20+ Secrets to Event Planning Websites that Drive More Business

20+ Secrets to Event Planning Websites New Tip Sheet from Social Tables Your website is one of your most valuable tools for drumming up more business. Because the digital landscape shifts so rapidly it can be a challenge to ensure you’re doing everything you can to increase conversion once someone arrives are your event business…

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A Planner’s Guide to Event Vendors 

Planning a successful event involves working with a large team of reliable, capable professionals. Planners work with venues, specialized staff, and vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly. A lot of tiny pieces must fall into place for an event to succeed, and the wrong event vendors could lead to lots of trouble later in the…

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Rolling the Dice: Strategies for Creating Unforgettable Casino Night Events

Imagine the thrill of Las Vegas right at your doorstep thanks to casino night events. The sound of shuffling cards, the clinking of chips, and excitement all hang in the air as luck hangs in balance.   Casino night events have an irresistible charm that is surprisingly easy to replicate for a special occasion. Whether it’s…

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Unique Event Venues: A Guide for Planners & Event Organizers

Switching things up occasionally is important, even for event organizers and corporate planners. Whether you work in public, private, or corporate events, changing the scenery can leave event attendees feeling refreshed and inspired. So, if you’re looking for unique event venues that offer something new and exciting, you’ve come to the right place. This guide…

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A Guide to Digital Marketing for Events: What, Why, and How? 

Advertising is one of the most important jobs any planning team undertakes, whether organizing an online or in-person event. Event marketing helps planners connect with their audience, making promoting upcoming functions easier, highlighting their mission, and generating leads. As planners work to widen their audience and connect with consumers in an increasingly online world, digital…

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Top cities for event planning careers

20 Types of Corporate Events You Should Know About

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “corporate event?” While images of boardrooms and expensive suits likely appear, you might be surprised to learn that there are many different types of corporate events, each with a unique purpose and atmosphere. Businesses are diverse, with varying missions, styles, and cultures, but meetings and events…

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Speed Networking: A New Kind of Professional Event

Much like speed dating, speed networking is a great way to meet potential new business partners, clients, and even employers. In this guide, we’ll walk you through exactly what speed networking is and why it’s useful for everyone from freelancers to corporations to social justice activists. We’ll also teach you how to plan a speed…

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