The 6 Best Ways to "Pumpkin Spice" Up Your Event Design This Fall

Summer is coming to an end and the crisp fall season is quickly approaching. No matter what type of event you’re planning this season, autumn brings a cool vibe and a different set of needs expectations for events and attendees.

These six fall event design tips will ensure a sensational seasonal gathering.

1. Choose Indoor/Outdoor Venues

Fall is a unique time of year in that, depending on geographical location, you can still hold either outdoor or indoor events. What better backdrop than beautiful trees with changing leaves? Select a venue that celebrates the season – whether that’s in a beautiful ballroom or in a breathtaking courtyard for cocktail hour. Looking for furniture that speaks to the season? Consider CORT’s Miramar Dividers as a backdrop or room divider for your event. Pairing with the Larson Collection, you have the perfect fall vignette with cool tones to set the mood.

2. Shake Up Your Seating

Mix cool autumn tones to creates a look that is perfect for Fall events with the Xander Sofa and Pasadena chair.

The days of generic ‘theater’ seating for meetings are long gone. Attendees want aesthetically pleasing designs that delight the senses and offer an environment that’s conducive to chatting and networking. Strive for a holistic approach when it comes to design and make if feel comfortable and inviting. Smart space planning, comfortable seating, functional furniture, accent décor and color themes all contribute to an overall immersive experience.

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3. Customization is Key

When choosing a venue, opt for a space that is flexible during on-site events. After all, it’s hard to shake up seating when options are narrow. The ability to customize a space with furniture rental instead of facility furniture will allow you to create an individualized space for your event. Having brainstorming or networking sessions is much easier when spaces can be customized for creativity and communication.

 4. Stay Connected

The importance of staying connected cannot be stressed enough at today’s events. When attendees rush to find seating by wall outlets to charge their phones or other electronics, it’s disruptive to the overall experience. And one of the worst things that can happen to a guest at an event is to lose power and get disconnected. Instead, consider using CORT’s powered furniture. The modular seating allows you to create seating arrangements to fit any meeting space, while the built-in charging capabilities keep your attendees engaged and their devices charged.

5. Introduce Unexpected Accessories

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with unexpected elements at your events. One trend you could experiment with is Hollywood Regency. The colors, fabrics and textures elicited by this trend add glamour to events and provide an eclectic one-of-a-kind style. Often the addition of one or two statement pieces into an event plan can elevate the entire look. CORT’s new white Dome chair, a French inspired piece, is a great example of something that adds an element of surprise that attendees will talk about and remember. CORT’s complete collection includes a range of high-end, modern furnishings that create old Hollywood era designs, including the Wilshire and Draper seating collections.

6. Add Functionality and Surprise with Powered Accessories

Provide attendees with additional powered options to stay connected. Consider accessories like CORT’s Honeywood table lamp and white gloss table lamp that add an unexpected power source to your event and come with an A/C plug.

If you stick to our list of fall event design tips, you’ll be sure to keep you and your attendees in the foliage state of mind.

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