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6 Tips for a Hotel Sales Lead Form That Makes Conversion Easy

Planners have a lot of choices when it comes to where they can host an event. When a planner reaches out via a hotel sales lead form on your site, you want to make converting their passing interest into an event, hosted at your property. Here are five strategies for making it a bit less stressful and hopefully ease conversions by making small improvements to your hotel sales lead form.

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Keep the form short and sweet

When it comes to gleaning hotel leads from your website, you want to make it as easy as possible for a planner to express interest. Each website will vary but find the happy medium number of fields on your form that allows you to figure out if the lead is viable.

If you have too few fields, you run the risk of wasting time chasing a lead that isn’t qualified. If your form has too many fields, you risk aggravating a potential customer on the other end. Try A/B testing your forms. For example, does it need a comment section or not? Or, could you get away with just asking for their name/ email/ phone number/ # of guests? You don’t want to lose leads because your form was too exhaustive.

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Offer a discount or special service in the form

Would a planner benefit from a small perk if they sent in the form and eventually booked with you? Whatever that small perk is, mention it in the form. It’s an easy way to ensure that planners feel that it’s worth it to fill out.

Make it easy on the eyes

A hotel sales lead form that is hard to navigate or difficult to read is an easy way to steer leads away. Make your lead form easy on the eyes: use basic colors (we love using white in our form fields) and make buttons clear and easy to read.

Another approach is to make your lead form aesthetically pleasing. If this is a form that will be embedded in the events section of your hotel website, why not put photos of recent events on or near the form? Show planners how amazing an event could be if they hosted it at your hotel property.

Ask for an appropriate time to call

Seems like a no-brainer, but as the hotel sales arm of the business, we never know people’s schedules. Ensuring that you’ve reached them at an appropriate time of day is important. By asking straight up in the form for the best time to reach the ensures you’ll get time on your lead’s schedule.

Bonus tip: create a Doodle or Calendly link so that prospects can select a time to

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Have the form determine what is a worthwhile lead

It’s a fact: you likely won’t go after every lead that fills out your hotel sales lead form. It could be because some events are too small or large for your space, there isn’t the availability, or it’s simply not worth the money.

Set up your hotel sales lead form so that it determines what kind of lead is worth pursing. Create dropdowns of attendance size, budget ranges, date ranges, etc. When you export your form fills, you can sort against the most lucrative leads, for example, the full buy-out of all your event spaces for a convention of 2,000 attendees over a spring weekend next year.

Keep your leads clean

There is nothing worse than cold calling the same person twice. Say you meet a prospective lead at a conference and you enter that person’s information into your lead database. Then, they follow your hotel on Twitter or they fill out your form, which also creates a lead. Now you’ve got two. You may follow up and so may your colleague. This is a waste of time for you and also annoying for the customer.

Use your sales enablement software to make sure you have a clear notation on who should follow up on each lead and also, de-dupe your database often to remove additional individuals. If your database assigns leads, make sure that no two sales rep receives any of the same leads in their queue.

A hotel sales lead form don’t have to be fancy but set them up so they work for you. Use these six steps to make a prospect into a customer easier.

Have you revamped a hotel sales lead form at your property? Let us know what you changed and how it affected your leads. Tell us in the comments or join us on Twitter.

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