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10 Most Coveted Event Marketing Jobs to Aim for in Your Career

Do you have benchmarks set for your career? Are you looking to find event marketing jobs that fit your personal and professional goals? If you know where you’re going, you’ll be a master career navigator. But if you’re unsure where to get your start in event marketing, see our list of the most coveted event marketing jobs.

1. Experiential Event Manager

If you get a kick out of creating events that immerse the senses and attendees in the process, you may be a great fit for an Experiential Event Manager. You’ll get to engage directly with customers and attendees and invite them to experience the brand via a product or experience.

To get into this field, you need a Bachelor’s degree, proven creative thinking, and experience in event marketing. A background that includes working with remote teams on far-ranging projects is also a resume boost for this job. Experiential Event Managers can expect to make around $35-45,000 with a high-end cap of over $109,000.

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2. Event Marketing Specialist

Event marketers chief responsibility is to drive interest in an event. They may get the opportunity to travel, meet the many people who help to make an event success, and work on a number of events for a variety of brands over the course of their career. This event marketing job involves brainstorming marketing campaigns, heavy planning, and building awareness before, during, and after events.

An Event Marketing Specialist could both create and market the event themselves or market the event for a brand.

The national average salary in the U.S. for an Event Marketing Specialist is $58,000. A degree isn’t necessary for every position if you have tons of experience in event planning to back it up. Most event marketers have a bachelor’s in Marketing or Communications.

3. Promotions Consultant

At some point in your career, you may want to scale back or try something different from the execution side of events. Promotions Consultants help brands figure out when and how to market a campaign, which could include promotional events. If you’re a natural problem solver, Promotions Consultant is one of those event marketing jobs you’ll thrive in.

For most in this role, they have five years or more of event planning or event marketing under their belt. Brands and clients want to know that you’ve got the experience to know what works for their events. Promotions Consultants earn, on average, between $45K and $65,000.

4. Event Manager

Event Managers keep it all together. They ensure from start to finish that every part of the team is on target to execute the event.

An Event Manager takes their project management skills to the ideation, planning, organizing, and execution of an event. These events can span a wide range of smaller events to conferences to multi-day festivals or conventions. For instance, if the promotional event is a branded fashion show, the Event Manager may have come up with the initial idea, how to showcase the products, how many models to have, etc. The Event Manager will have planned out security, event staffing, photography, and be the main point of contact when it’s event day.

Event Managers are usually hired based on a high-level of event experience and may or may not have a related degree. Earnings range from $50K-$90K.

5. Brand Manager

Brand Managers are working from the captain’s seat, guiding market research, understanding the demographic, creating strategies, and then putting it all in motion. In the events arena, a brand manager may decide to implement a brand ambassador program, send the brand to a large event, or promote the brand through an event sponsorship. They could be overseeing all of these options at once and make sure everything lives up to brand standards.

If you have leadership, events, and marketing skills, you can expect to make up to $80K as a Brand Manager.

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6. Public Relations Manager

The Public Relations Manager is the ultimate brand champion. They protect and promote the brand at every opportunity.

It’s their business to know how to help the brand represent itself in the best way possible through all avenues “ including events. Public Relations Managers are trusted brand stewards and enjoy earnings in the six-figure range. To get there, you’ll need at least a Bachelor degree and a proven record of success. A Master degree can also help you as you move up the ranks in bigger, more established brands or corporations.

7. Guerrilla Marketing Manager

If you’re looking for event marketing jobs that are unique, read on.

Are you a prankster? Do you like stunts? If you want to specialize in all things fun and unconventional, a Guerrilla Marketing Manager is for you. You’ll get to drive brand awareness through guerilla campaigns. You’ll provide the concept, oversee planning and coordination, and then measure your success and do it all again.

To get to this level, get experience in several aspects of marketing, public relations, and event planning. Your reward is a six-figure salary and a ton of excitement.

8. Communications Specialist

This role functions a lot like a PR role, specifically within a communications framework. The idea is to facilitate conversation between the market and the brand through digital, social, inbound, and event marketing. A Communications Specialist has traction in discovering what the market wants to hear from the brand and what type of events will have the most impact.

You’ll need three to five years of marketing experience for the role and you can expect earnings in the $50K range.

9. Field Marketing Manager

If you’re the kind of person to immerse yourself in your work, a Field Marketing Manager could be for you. Field Marketing Managers are more on the traditional side of marketing and involve distributing, sampling, or selling product in the field. This is one of those event marketing jobs that could require you to work autonomously and remotely from the main office.

The role oversees face to face marketing projects like in-store sampling, road shows, trade show presence, and special events.

Field Marketing Managers have an innate ability to communicate with people, a degree in PR, Marketing, or Communications. The salary runs between $50K and $100K.

10. Fundraising Specialist

When you want to use your marketing and event planning skills for the betterment of the world, step into fundraising events. Fundraising Specialists help organizations plan events and campaigns that inspire donors to give.

Experience is the key to getting into a fundraising role, possibly more so than education. Companies look for Fundraising Specialists that understand the world of fundraising and potentially non-profits or associations. Those in these roles typically have a degree in marketing, communications, PR, or business for a salary return of $40,000 to $60,000 or more.

Of course, there is no limit to event marketing jobs and their titles. Especially given how often markets and event attendee preferences change. But, if you have your sights on one of these event marketing jobs, you’ll know just what to expect.

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