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7 of the Most Innovative Hospitality PR Firms to Hire Now

Doing all your PR work in-house is always a cost-efficient option. It’s a fine route as long as you have the resources, the ideas, and the skills to make it happen. For some, though, doing PR internally can be time-consuming and counter-productive so they choose the next best thing”hire hospitality PR firms.

Here are 7 hospitality PR firms that should be on your radar right now for whatever you need support in your hotel marketing efforts.

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1. Social media and content creation: J Public Relations

With social media, especially Instagram, a crucial battleground for many businesses, J Public Relations has mastered the art and science of creating Instagram-worthy and shareable content for their elite list of clientele. The agency has a dedicated social division for analytics, community management, and platform creation, among other digital services.

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2. Media relations: NJF PR

This New York-based hospitality PR firm is headed by Nancy J. Friedman. She is a respected PR maven who is the tour de force behind Hotel Week NYCâ„¢, a week-long hotel discount sale in the city to drive awareness and address the occupancy dip before and after the holiday season.

Understanding the relationship between PR and media, Friedman and her team are adept at ˜thinking like journalists’ to constantly find a fresh angle and a newsworthy story to share. In 2016, the agency generated billions of media impressions for its clients.

3. Openings and launches: The Brandman Agency

One of the many hospitality PR firms that is making waves is The Brandman Agency. A global communications agency with headquarters in Los Angeles and New York, this firm’s portfolio of services includes launching luxury hotels, repositioning newly renovated properties and securing media coverage for top resorts.

The Brandman Agency was key in helping London-based hotel brand Belmond expand its presence in North America.

4. Influencer marketing: Belle Communications

Female-owned and results-driven, this digital PR agency in Columbus, Ohio helped a restaurant group drive awareness and increase sales for five Manhattan-based outlets through an influencer campaign and blog ambassador program.

The PR and social campaign resulted in 4.5 million impressions and over 66,500 social interactions.

5. Thought leadership: Fish Consulting

This Florida-based hospitality PR firm specializes in servicing franchisees. For one of their clients, casual restaurant chain Tropical Smoothie, Fish Consulting was challenged to raise brand awareness and position CEO Mike Rotondo as a thought leader in the industry.

To accomplish this, the agency used its national media connections. They weaved the brand into hot-button and national issues like minimum wage and overtime regulations. The resulting top-tier media placements with coverage in Entrepreneur, New York Times, and The Associated Press, among others.

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6. Design: UpSpring PR

UpSpring PR focuses on aesthetics. For their clients from the hospitality industry, the firm works with architects, designers, and even product manufacturers to tell a visual story through design.

On top of their design services, the firm also offers a standard PR menu”media relations, digital, events, sponsorships as well as award submissions.

7. Activation: Identity PR

How can a Mexican-themed restaurant stand out during Cinco de Mayo celebrations?

For this PR firm and its client Del Taco, the answer was to create a strategic media campaign around an engaging in-store contest. Identity PR designed the Del Taco Epic Burrito Challenge which was a huge hit among customers and the local media.

If customers could eat two Del Taco signature one-pound Epic Burritos, they earned a year of free burritos.

The campaign was a certified success, both PR- and business-wise. The brand earned highly visible traditional and online media coverage. Del Taco also sold 20,000 tacos in 24 hours, with a 105% increase in year-on-year sales that day.

Working with hospitality PR firms is a great opportunity to earn good publicity. Not to mention your hotel will benefit from the long-term brand building efforts and increased business performance.

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