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Which Hotel Amenities Do The Newest Brands Have That You Don't?

Which Hotel Amenities Do The Newest Brands Have That You Don’t?

Minibars and free soap just aren’t going to cut it anymore as exclusive hotel amenities. Technology has opened new paths to quirky ideas and innovative creations that will excite prospective customers. Here are five amazing hotel amenities that exist today that you’re missing in your hotel or resort.

1. Interactive video walls, InterContinental Chicago

The InterContinental Chicago features a wonderful interactive wall in their lobby. The wall sits behind the front desk to accompany the hotel’s great location on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

On normal days, the interactive video wall broadcasts a live stream of the shopping strip Michigan Avenue all day and night, catching different angles with an HD camera outside the hotel. It’s the perfect way to get a glimpse at what you need to prepare for before a day of shopping. On special occasions, the interactive video wall becomes even more. It will share displays of the fireworks during the Fourth of July, it offers movie-themed nights where it’ll play a film that’s accompanied with appropriately themed snacks, and much more.

The interactive video wall is a great way to engage customers and offers a different perspective for customers to view the surrounding area around the hotel.

Which Hotel Amenities Do The Newest Brands Have That You Don't?

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2. Dressing room to guest room, Hotel Crescent Court Dallas

Who said that shopping has to be done out in a mall or a shopping avenue?

Hotel Crescent Court in uptown Dallas launched their “Dressing Room to Guest Room” campaign. They partnered with luxury retailer Stanley Korshak to offer guests at the hotel an in-room luxury shopping experience. Guests are able to try on and purchase couture clothing, shoes, and accessories from the comfort of their room. Any unwanted items are simply sent back down. The service also includes an on-call tailor who can help you with fittings.

The great thing about this hotel amenity is that it offers a very personal and exclusive service to guests that want to try something new without expending more energy outside.

3. In-room heat sensors, Hotel 1000 Seattle

No one likes it when housekeeping knocks on your door and you’re still trying to sleep off last night’s adventures. It can become a nuisance when your staycation gets interrupted by the sound of the housekeeper’s loud “knock-knock”.

So Hotel 1000 in Seattle has integrated an amazing sensor to keep track of when a guest is in their room. By utilizing in-room heat sensors, housekeepers can tell when guests are still in their room, refraining from knocking on their door until they are fully awake or gone from the room.

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4. Musical instruments, Hard Rock Hotel

It’s hard to imagine Hard Rock Hotel without elements of music. But their hotel amenities go a step further in the musical direction.

Guests can request their “Sound Of Your Stay” amenity collection. This amenity gives guests the option to have their room furnished with DJ equipment or guitars for use during their stay. The equipment comes with headphones to keep their musical adventures within their own room, and they also offer in-room video guitar lessons for the guests to play with. It’s a great of way of solidifying their brand image and offers guests something different to do in the hotel.

5. IRD growler fills, Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Forget soda and say hello to craft beer! The Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa introduced a new hotel amenity called “Straight From The Tap” IRD Growler Fills. Guests staying at the hotel can choose from 8 different local brewers. And best of all, they can have the beer poured directly within their room. The growlers are 32 oz and are insulated so they require little refrigeration, ensuring a nice, cold brew after a long day out.

Thinking of new hotel amenities to include in your hotel’s line-up is a great way of having additional features to hook customers. Best of all, it solidifies your branding image or message and creates an opportunity for better guest engagement. Think of ways that you can incorporate different and innovative hotel amenities into your hotel so that you can stand out from the pack!

Which hotel amenities would you test drive at your property? Let us know in the comments or give us a shout on Twitter.

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