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Tips Tuesday: 29 Event Transportation Ideas

Like many other industries, transportation is changing rapidly thanks to advances in technology. Get ahead of the trends and brainstorm how you can implement them to impress guests before, during, and after your next event with these ideas and tips. 

Explore 3 Emerging Transportation Trends

These exciting developments are currently being perfected but experts agree it’s likely we will see them become mainstream within our lifetime. Keep an eye out for these – some will become available in select cities before they’re released worldwide, which means your next event location might be perfectly primed to take advantage of these shiny new options. 

  1. Self-Driving Cars. This trend is even closer than we think, as 1,400 self-driving cars are currently being tested by about 80 companies in 36 states according to a recent report by TechCrunch
  2. Gyroscopic Cars. Before flying cars become a reality, it’s more likely you’ll see these bus or train size vehicles hovering on stilts above traffic. Researchers are exploring how to implement gyroscope systems on monorails that could be built into our current roadway system. 
  3. Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Ride-sharing programs are just the start of the shift away from personally-owned vehicles and towards a network of mobility solutions from one service. Not only will this decrease congestion in major cities, it will also make scheduling transportation easier as it potentially can be done in advance and from one system.

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While you are waiting for these futuristic transportation services to become available, there are other creative approaches to event transportation.

Explore 29 Event Transportation Ideas

Go beyond the traditional four-person vehicle and try one of these innovative concepts for your next transportation need. 

1. Smart Cars

Due to their size, Smart Cars are the most cost-effective option when renting a vehicle. Schedule these in advance before your rental company runs out of them. Newer models run only on electric, so research charging stations nearby in advance or select a venue with charging stations.

2. Advanced GPS Devices

An advanced GPS device has functionalities beyond what a free app on a smartphone can do. The screens are typically larger, making it easy to see directions. Some devices also keep riders safer by giving visual and audible alerts if a railroad crossing, animal crossing, or tight curve is up ahead. Ensure the devices are charged before giving them out to users, and provide the proper cords for charging.

3. Personal Public Transportation Pods

This mode of transportation is available in a handful of locations, but it’s ideal for small groups of passengers with no baggage. The types of payment accepted by these services vary and some only take cash or exact change. Hang appropriate signage to make event attendees aware of these limitations.

4. High-Speed Railways

This mode of transportation is favorable as its faster than flying by the time you account for flight check-in and lines at security. While each railway is different, most don’t limit the weight or number of bags passengers bring but passengers are responsible for carrying their own bags. Remind your event attendees that they need to feel comfortable lifting their luggage into compartments or provide this service for them.

5. Rideshare Aggregator App

If your event budget is a concern, utilize a rideshare aggregator app to compare prices of popular rideshare apps and get the best deal. Doing so will also save time as you won’t have to open and close each app and re-enter your trip details to see the rates. Bellhop is one example of an app with these capabilities.

6. Weather Apps

Bad weather can throw even the greatest event off-track. Get ahead of Mother Nature with an app that’s friendly for both iPhone and Android users. Use it to foresee transportation cancellations and arrange alternative plans.

7. Construction Prediction App

Navigating around construction is not only a headache – it can cause arrival delays and throw off the timeline of your event. Certain navigation apps can warn you if construction is causing any problems. Some cities post construction updates to their social media too. 

8. Event Navigation App

Designing an app specific for your event that outlines the various locations and transportation options for staff and attendees would require resources, but it would be a worthy investment. The app would make this relevant information available in one place.

9. Work with a transportation designer

You have enough on your mind with all the event’s logistics. Leave the transportation configuration to a professional. A transportation designer will work with you to create a custom plan for your event that meets your goals. 

10. Electric buses

This eco-friendly alternative will reflect well on your event’s branding compared to diesel-operated buses. No matter what type of transportation you are reserving, make sure you secure ADA compliant options.

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11. Personalized Limo Rentals

Give your guests the epitome of luxury by providing personalized limos for their transportation. Inquire about the rental company’s food & beverage policy to see if they will provide light refreshments during rides.

12. Uber Helicopter Service 

Platinum and Diamond members of Uber’s Rewards program can rent a helicopter to take up to five passengers from Lower Manhattan to the John F. Kennedy Airport. In addition, they provide car service to and from the helipad at each location. Book these rides on-demand as needed or up to five days in advance. 

13. Lyft Concierge 

With Lyft Concierge, you can request a Lyft for someone and pay for it all within your app. Those unfamiliar with Lyft may not understand its services or what branded vehicles to look for, though, so consider providing a document to them with an explanation.

14. Taxi Service Apps

When you are planning international travel, securing taxi transportation is safe and reliable when using taxi service apps such as Olacabs, Cabubble, or Free Now (formerly mytaxi). Book these reservations using a travel credit card for extra points or statement refunds. 

15. Motorcycle Ridesharing

Riding on the back of a motorcycle makes your guests’ experience as much about the journey as their destination. With websites like Riders Share and Twisted Road, you can rent a bike from current bike owners. The bike operator just needs to have a motorcycle license. Before you rent, clarify with the bike owner if they provide appropriate safety gear.

16. Uber and Lyft Alternatives

While Uber and Lyft take up about 98% of the rideshare market in the US, they aren’t the only apps in town. SideCar, Curb, and Juno are just a few alternatives gaining ground. Each app fills a niche that Uber and Lyft may be missing out on, so research the apps to see which is the best fit for you.

17. Waze’s Global Event Partners Program

Waze offers a traffic management program for event planners to improve your event traffic flow and ensure everyone arrives in a safe and timely manner. Best of all, this service is free!

 18. Bicycle & Scooter Share 

Renting a bike or a scooter offers flexible and low-cost ways to get from Point A to Point B. Research what is available in your event’s city as these programs are often managed in part by the municipality. 

19. International Low Fare Rideshare

Find convenient rides for low prices when traveling internationally. Becoming familiar with apps such as DiDi and Gojek with take the guess-work out of hailing a ride quickly at a fair rate. 

20. Organized Carpooling

If you are in charge of an event planning team or even if you’d like to make your morning commute less lonely, sign up for a carpooling program. It’s a great way to reduce the cost of daily fuel, tolls, and parking. Get started with Hitch-A-Ride, RideShark, and BlaBlaCar

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21. #TransitForFun

San Diego is promoting the idea that public transportation can be used to access unique local businesses and entertainment. Embolden your event attendees to use public transportation by providing information about your location’s various options and destinations.

22. Lyft’s Non Profit Partnership Program

Lyft is creating new ways for nonprofits to get as much as 1% back to their organization through rides. You can sign up on their website to be notified when these programs become available. 

23. On-Demand Transit Service Shuttles

Traditional public transportation services are becoming outdated as riders have to conform to the routes and times provided. On-Demand Transit Service Shuttles are breaking this mold. Via is an example of this service and you can utilize it for events in New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC. 

24. Water Taxi Service 

Traveling in a sightseeing boat is available in more areas than you may think! It operates similarly to public transportation but over water instead of roads. Some individuals get nauseous when riding over choppy water, so communicate clearly if this will be an option.

25. Post-Modern Skateboards 

The Post Modern Skateboard is a new take on the classic skateboard. The board is gone but users still have to use their balance to operate this two-wheeled toy. It isn’t ideal for excessive travel, but it would be a fun surprise to offer guests who have to walk far distances. 

26. Portable Rolling Platform 

This personal transporter is another entertaining alternative to walking. It’s about the size and weight of a laptop so it can be easily carried. 

27. Electric Unicycle Rentals

Unicycles have several advantages over other personal transportation modes. The one wheel allows the device to go up and down stairs, have greater speed capabilities, and go off-roading. Rent them through a local company and remind riders to wear appropriate safety gear. 

28. Specialty Carriage and Cart Rides

Add a sense of elegance and luxury to your event’s atmosphere by offering horse-drawn carriage or cart rides. Preparations will need to be made in case extreme weather hits. For example, guests, horses, and drivers will need access to water if temperatures are high. 

29. Fair Driver Wage Apps

Rideshare apps are under scrutinization for unfair labor policies. Avoid associating your event with this type of negativity by encouraging the usage of apps that are upfront about paying drivers fairly. 

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Now that you’ve got some ideas for transporting your guests, get some tips for how to plan a successful pop-up event or check out some event website design trends that will increase your conversion rates. Then, learn how to design an incredible event concept

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