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Back to School: 5 Hotel Management Courses That Give You the Edge

From changes in technology to trends in the industry, the face of hospitality is changing every day. So if you’re going to be a leader in the workforce, you can count on one thing: You always have to be learning. That’s why we’ve rounded up five online hotel management courses that can help you get an edge on the competition ” without taking a toll on your schedule.

1. Online Hospitality Management Certificate from Cornell University

The Hospitality Management Certificate course from Cornell is a great choice for current and future hospitality managers who can’t travel to get certified. It’s a three-month online course developed by Ivy League faculty and led by a real instructor ” so you’ll still get the benefits of learning one-on-one with your professor.

The certificate program helps you improve your hospitality management skill set, while giving you smart strategies that you can apply to both your self and your team. The best part? The coursework is easy to fit into your busy schedule at only three to five hours per week.

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2. Online Hospitality Program – Michigan State University 

Already working in the hospitality industry? Take a look at MSU’s online hospitality program if you’re looking to move into the next position. The eight-week program takes a close look at what it means to be a leader in the hospitality industry, helping you become a more caring and capable leader along the way. You’ll learn about your own leadership style and get smart strategies you can apply when thinking about recruiting, managing and beyond. 

After all, like MSU’s site tells us, a hospitality organization is only as strong as its leadership.

3. Diploma in Hospitality Management – Free Online Course from Alison.com

Alison’s approach to education is a little different. Their entry-level hotel management course can help you round out your foundation for all things hospitality, all without costing you a single buck. Granted, it’s about 80 hours of coursework, so it’s not something you’ll be knocking out on a single Sunday afternoon. But when it’s all over, you can choose to just walk away with your newfound knowledge or purchase the official diploma to help pad that resumé.

4. Lobster Ink’s Hospitality Leadership & Hotel Management Courses

Sometimes, learning means growing yourself. In the hotel industry, it can also mean growing a team. Lobster Ink caters to both needs with hospitality training courses that let you choose the specific areas where you want to focus yourself of your team. Besides building a customized program for your team, you can take free entry-level classes. If you love those, you can take the next step and get full access to the entire suite of courses via a monthly subscription.

Oh, and did we mention they have over 100,000 students across 120+ different countries?

5. Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue and Demand Management Specialization – Coursera

This four-course program from Coursera guides you through the fundamentals of managing demand, distribution and revenue. Each course is about four weeks of work, and you can choose to take just one or two of them instead of working through the whole package. You’ll take a deep dive into some of the factors that have an impact on the already-complex hospitality sector and explore some hotel management and event planning tools that can help. You’ll also explore key techniques that can help you maximize your marketing and revenue.

If you want to give it a try, Coursera will even give you a one-week free trial to test drive the courses. Plus, there’s no penalty for canceling.

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Still have questions about hotel management courses?

How many years is the hotel management course?

Hotel management courses can vary widely in terms of duration. There are entire multi-year degrees available in hospitality management, and there are also courses where you can earn a certificate in just a few months.

Is hotel management a good degree?

We certainly think so! The hospitality industry is dynamic and exciting, and a hotel management degree can also be put into use in many different areas, such as events, property development, and more.

Know about a hotel management course or online program that we missed on our list? Let us know on Twitter.