Cvent Supplier Professional Certification

This hospitality certification is valid for two years, and verifies true expertise on the Cvent platform. Built for sales and marketing professionals at hotels and venues, this program results in lower response times, better proposals, and higher conversion rates.

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What's Included?

The Cvent Supplier Professional Certification is designed to help hospitality professionals improve their group event business.

It's broken up into four modules, each designed to enhance knowledge of the Cvent platform and identify opportunities to improve group operations and communication with planners.

1. Understand the Planner Perspective

Put on the hat of a planner and see how they send RFPs, receive proposals, and use comparison reports to make decisions.

2. Market to the Right Audience

Learn how to make a Cvent venue profile more interesting to meeting planners.

3. Manage Inbound Leads

Discover how to set up your account for success. Whether assigning and prioritizing leads, or setting up user access and permissions, these crucial tactics will help you manage leads efficiently.

4. Increase RFP Conversion Rates

Explore the elements of a winning proposal. Check out simple tips to respond faster and observe your performance.

Program and Exam Details

To pass the certification, you need a Cvent Supplier login credential and basic knowledge of the Cvent Supplier Network. The exam has 40 multiple choice questions and you're limited to 75 minutes. A score of 80% or better on the exam is required to get certified.

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