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Mobile Event Surveys: 6 Ways to Get More Post-Event Insights

When it comes to event surveys, there’s a thought process we’re sure you’ve heard before:

Paper surveys take time, resources and collection methods are often inefficient at best. Online form providers are vast, and can save your team valuable time and money.

So, if this is the case, why are so many event planners sticking with traditional methods to get their event surveys out the door? We’re here to clear the air and ensure that all readers have a full understanding of the tremendous number of options that are out there.

Let’s Look at the Best 6 Event Survey Apps Available to Give You the Best Post-Event Survey Experience:

1.) Wufoo

Wufoo is a web application that helps anybody build amazing online forms (immediately recognized by the cutest dinosaur ever on their homepage). More than just a place to easily build event surveys, Wufoo also helps clients put together event invites and manage event registrations and payments. Enjoy the freedom of building “custom rules” in your event survey that will get you the answers you’re looking for.

2.) Typeform

The cloud-based application where users can create and respond to surveys and other types of forms on any device. More than just your average survey-building tool, Typeform brings an unmatched level of personalization to the table. Depending on the result and answer you’re looking for, Typeform makes it as simple as possible to put together the right questions, in the right order, and get receive valuable insights all in the same process. “Goodbye forms. Hello Typeforms.”

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3.) SurveyMonkey

The true granddaddy of them all. SurveyMonkey can take a ton of credit for being one of the first players in the world of mobile event surveys. Since it was originally founded in 1999, this platform has set the standard for what can be quantified as good event survey information. SurveyMonkey is big on building forms that give their users quality, market research regardless of topic. Event planners jumped on this tool early and haven’t looked back. It’s also a great technology for measuring what solid attendee engagement looks like!

4.) Snap Surveys

Snap Surveys are providers of “surveys that reach everyone”. All you have to do, is determine who you want “everyone” to be! Care to have a paper version of your event survey for safekeeping? Snap Surveys can do that (not to say that you can’t be on the go!). Analytics not your strong suit? Fear not! When you send out and begin receiving responses to your Snap Survey, a personalized and automated “smart report” will be delivered to your account based on the event info that’s of utmost concern to you and your team.

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5.) Qualtrics

Qualtrics is here to manage and improve the entire customer experience when dealing with post-event surveys. From detailed insights to desired next-steps, Qualtrics sets the bar in its own unique way. The team at Qualtrics believes that brand loyalty can easily be built by focusing more on the actions taken after event surveys are collected.

6.) SurveyGizmo

A researcher’s best friend. SurveyGizmo is here to lend event planners a hand when it comes to solving crucial business problems through simple research. Suited for both teams and individual users, this platform shortens time normally spent designing by giving users the ability to choose from countless form templates from the start. To the delight of all involved, SurveyGizmo’s themes are responsive! Just as sleek on mobile as on desktop so no one misses a beat.

Regardless of what kind of feedback you’re looking to get out of your event surveys, the fact is your move to mobile should be an imminent one. Depending on the insights and responses needed after your event, it’s always important to do your homework and understand the new age options at hand.

Tell us which mobile event survey apps you use and which ones are your favorites! Tweet us @socialtables and visit us on Facebook.

Now You’re Ready to Create the Best Post-Event Surveys with Easy Tools!

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