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Friday Finds: 25 Inspiring Fall Themes for Events We’re Obsessing Over

Fall is the second largest consumer spending season of the year (only after Winter and the holidays).

That means it’s the perfect time to jumpstart charity fundraising, host ticketed or private events, and take advantage of the many fall event themes on this list while the weather is still decent for outdoor activities. 

What do you do at a fall party? 

Like any seasonal event, your fall party should include tasty food, drinks, and activities that go with the theme. But regardless of which fall event theme you choose, you can always incorporate the following ideas into your autumnal get together

  • Apple picking
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Halloween costume or sweater contests
  • Football games (in-person or on tv)
  • Leaf raking (a great fundraiser or volunteer activity) 

What are some fall event name ideas? 

We’ve included some fun event names in the suggestions below. But really all you need to do to come up with a great fall themed idea is to make a pun, reference something seasonally appropriate, and/or use your theme as the name.

Names like these often get a few smiles and stick out in people’s minds: 

  • Kinda Corny 
  • The Great Pumpkin
  • Who You Gonna Call, Leaf Busters! 

What event types will I find on this list? 

Fall event types can widely vary since it’s the start of the holiday season, back to school time, a popular pick for Millennial wedding dates, and the last chance for people to enjoy the outdoors until next year. Here’s some of what our 25 fall event themes will cover: 

  • Fall birthday party themes
  • Harvest party ideas for adults
  • Outdoor fall party ideas for adults
  • Fall corporate event themes

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And now, without further ado, here are some event ideas we know you’ll just fall in love with! 

25 Fall Event Themes to Try This Year

September Party Themes

1. Quidditch Tournament

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Although we don’t have flying brooms and golden snitches to play with, there is an official muggle version of the beloved magical sport that you can turn into your very own event. While USQ, the official league, has its own locations and teams, you can always take a break from flag football and try this amusing activity instead. 

2. Glitter & Gold

Sparkly glitter isn’t just for winter festivities. With fall colors set in, gold offers the perfect compliment to nature’s own gorgeous display. Paint pumpkins with gold glitter glue, drape lush fabrics on banisters and walls, and try some sparkling gold candles as your event centerpieces to complete the look. 

3. Foliage Frolic

The leaves are changing colors and that’s worth celebrating. Whether you choose to host a raking party that ends with some epic leaf pile jumping or you’d like to keep it low-key with a guided nature tour, the options for this theme are plentiful. 

4. Wine & Dine

Wine experts say that fall is the perfect time to enjoy full-bodied whites and light- to medium- bodied reds. Pair this with a chef-prepared dinner or hold a wine tasting night filled with plenty of tray-passed hors d’ouevres and overflowing cheese boards. You can even bring in a wine expert to teach the group more about what they’re drinking. 

fall party ideas

5. Farm Tour

Fall is also harvest season which means farms are at their best during this time of year. Many locations offer educational tours of their growing process, machinery, and livestock care. They may even have fun workshops like canning or pie-making. Even if they don’t currently offer those programs, you can always call and ask if they’d be willing to run one for a private group

6. Corn Maze Extravaganza

Depending on your proximity to Halloween, you can make this event spooky or tamer. If you don’t live by any farms with public corn mazes, try making your own version with trash bags, sheets, or cardboard. Expand on the theme by offering corn on the cob, cornbread, those Halloween candy corns as take-home treats. 

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7. Grape Stomp for Charity

Even if your guests can’t attend the World Championship Grape Stomp this year, you can give them the thrill of the event at your own get-together. Have your guests sign up in teams of two with all participation fees and donations going to a charity of your choice. All you really need are the right barrels, fun event t-shirts, and a leaderboard. 

8. Fall Craft Night

If you’re looking to host an event the whole family can enjoy, why not try crafting? Hand turkeys, leaf-themed candle holders, and anything having to do with pumpkins will make up the bulk of your activities. You can even work together to create a craft that can be donated to organizations like Citymeals on Wheels, a nonprofit that works to deliver food and handmade cards to older, isolated New Yorkers on a weekly basis. 

9. Biergarten

Biergarten is German for beer garden. The phrase is often associated with pubs that offer a wide selection of beers with some outdoor seating areas and tasty bar food. However, there’s no reason why you couldn’t hold your own Biergarten! Grab some locally made brews, a few picnic tables, and you’re good to go. 

10. Tailgate Cookoff

Fall is also football season. From pro to high school, there are lots of games going on that need some great entertainment before, during, and after. Tailgates are a popular option for communities to gather together and turning the traditional event into a cook-off makes for a more active (and competitive) shindig. Judge your master grillers on their burgers, hot dogs, and chili at this super tasty event.  

October Party Themes

11. Pumpkin Patch

Picking pumpkins from a pumpkin patch is a great outdoor event that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you organize a bus to your nearest farm or bring the pumpkins to your own event space, pumpkin patches are the kind of nostalgic activity that can be enjoyed outdoors, is affordable to host and attend, and often involves delicious foods (like ciders, hot chocolate, and cinnamon sugar donuts). 

12. Scarecrow Decorating Contest

A scarecrow decorating contest can be judged based on a few categories, including best dressed, most creative, and scariest. Offer tiered prizes for each area and display the creations as the focal point of your event design. Local businesses can even use the contest as a way to advertise their stores. 

13. Halloween Costume Run/Walk

If you’ve ever done a charity walk or run, you probably know that it’s even better when everyone is dressed up in silly clothes. Which is why a Halloween costume themed event makes perfect sense for this time of year! Hold a contest and reward the funniest and/or fastest costume creators.

14. Hay Ride (Spooky or Scenic)

A lot of people love haunted hayrides. But if that’s not your style, you can always organize a nighttime, electronic candlelit journey or a fall foliage tour instead. For event planners looking to put together an all-day affair, consider pairing this as an activity along with a farm tour or pumpkin patch event. 

15. Cider Tasting Night

We’ve already covered wine and beer for the season, but why not add this tasty treat into the mix too? Served with or without alcohol, an evening of cider tasting goes well with homemade pies, jams, or a locally sourced artisanal cheese sampler. You can even offer a home brew competition and have guests vote on their favorites. 

16. Oktoberfest

Who needs to fly to Germany when you can enjoy your own folk festival right at home? The Bavarian cultural tradition has been held annually since the year 1810. Get into the spirit of traveling beer and funfair with carnival rides, games, tastings, and more. 

17. Country Life Fair

A country life fair is an event that celebrates all the things there are to love about the great outdoors and rural areas of America. From farm animal petting zoos to farmer’s markets to homemade candles, there’s a lot to love about taking a break from normal city life and enjoying a taste of the country. 

18. Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Where’s the best place to see the prettiest fall foliage? From the air, of course! Most of the world’s largest ballooning events take place during this season thanks in part to its good weather and stunning views. Private companies will rent out several balloons and pilots so your guests can take turns enjoying the ride, even if it only goes a mile or so. Add a screening of the now classic animated balloon adventure film Up, and you’ll be all set. 

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November Party Themes

19. DIY Pie Bar

To host this tasty event, all you need are some mini pie crusts, an assortment of fillings, and some delicious homemade whipped cream. The DIY portion makes it extra fun as guests can mix and match their fillings while trying out new combinations. Offer classics like apple and pumpkin alongside some more unusual options like mint chocolate chip, avocado, and cheeseburger pickle. 

20. Flannel Festival

There are three perfect months you get to wear flannel for both style and comfort. Invite guests to come dressed in their favorite button-down and hold an ugly flannel contest while you’re at it  — because why should sweaters have all the fun? Offer party favors with a flannel-patterned kerchief tied around them and use matching tablecloths to complete the look. 

21. Bonfire Bash

Planning to host an evening event? Try a bonfire bash. Simply light one or more bonfires, set up some chairs, and set up some tasty food options. Bring tools you’ll need to roast marshmallows, pop some corn, and cook hot dogs. This kind of event also goes well with live music, so consider hiring a professional guitar player to serenade your guests with fun and relaxing tunes. 

22. Candle-Making

Fall candles are one of the best things about the season. Which is why a candle-making event is sure to be a hit. Host a DIY workshop or organize a professional company to come in and do a tutorial. Use mason jars and seasonal scents like apples, pumpkins, and cinnamon. 

fall themes for events

23. Cranberry Cooking Class

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving and other food-centric occasions, cooking classes are welcome ideas for guests who want to learn new recipes or techniques. Cranberries, in particular, are seen as challenging for some wannabe kitchen superstars, which is why having a class on this seasonal delight is so great for the fall. Learn how to make your own sauces, muffins, or even ketchup with this versatile treat. 

24. Pecan Party

Pecan pie is a seasonal all-star, but there are plenty of other tasty treats made with the sweet nut that you can make, serve, and sample at your next fall event. Breads, pies, cakes, and even cocktails benefit from the addition of pecans. Serve a bevy of small plates or offer a full-course meal for your guests. 

25. Gratitude Gala

Looking for a more formal event idea? Consider the gratitude gala. Part charity event, part social gathering, a gratitude gala gets people in the mood for the season by bringing them together to appreciate what they have. Offer additional activities like silent auctions to boost fundraising efforts

Main Takeaway: Fall Event Ideas

If you’re looking for a great fall event theme, all you really have to do is pick a seasonal food, concept, or activity and run with it. Get creative with your event decor and activities using the ideas from this and other sources of inspiration.

If you’re looking for more seasonally themed event ideas, be sure you check out our other articles: 

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