Event Room Sets: Which are Most Popular with Social Tables Planners?

Event Room Sets: Which are Most Popular with Social Tables Planners?

Event planners make up a huge portion of the Social Tables universe. And with over 2 million events having been planned in Social Tables, we’re able to see trends in events being created. One of those things is event room sets. We wanted to know which event room sets are the most popular among the planners using Social Tables so we took to the data from the last 90 days to find out.

Theatre: 31.6%

Leading the room set pack was theatre-style seating. Theater seating is one of the most popular room sets that is perfect for accommodating large groups of people. Chairs in a theater setting are typically set next to each other to maximize the space. Planners can set chairs up in a straight line, semi-circle, or in a chevron.

Event Room Sets: Which are Most Popular with Social Tables Planners?

Staggered: 22.9%

Staggered seating, also known as banquet seating, is perfect for large groups, events with a meal, or interactive sessions. In this room set, tables are typically set with anywhere from 5-10 attendees.

A variation on staggered seating is crescent or cabaret seating. Here, tables are filled two-thirds of the way with an open side. The open side would face a screen, presentation, or stage area. Planners, use this set where you’ll need seating for an interactive session with a speaker and some engagement between attendees.

Aligned: 20.1%

Aligned seating came in third place. Aligned seating is similar to staggered or banquet seating in that each table and chair is aligned. This style of seating can have anywhere from 5 – 10 attendees around a table.

One of the benefits of using an aligned format is that it’s easy to set up, and helps to maximize a space, as theater seating does. Traffic in between tables and chairs can flow freely, making this a choice set when there’s food and beverage involved. It’s no wonder aligned seating came in close behind staggered seating.

What other room sets made up the latter half of the results?

Classroom 12.1%

Hollow Square 3.9%

Conference 3.5%

U-Shape 3.5%

Trade Show 2.4%

What are your most popular event room sets? Let us know in the comments below or join us on Twitter and share your diagrams.

Laura Lopez

Laura Lopez is the Marketing Content Strategist at the Washington, D.C.-based event planning software company, Social Tables. In her role, she puts the “social” in Social Tables through facilitating face to face and digital interactions between their growing, global customer base of over 4,000 strong. She is passionate about bringing together like-minded communities that share a common goal to make each other successful through on and offline engagement.