15 Unique Event Design & Decor Trends

Looking for some fun ideas for your next event? These unique options have all your choices for event space, catering menu, gift bag, attendee experience, sponsor proposal, and even playlists covered. 

15 Totally Original Ideas for Event Design You Might Just Have to Try 

Sell out tickets and impress event goers with these creative event planning options we’re pretty sure you’ve never heard anywhere else. 

1. Take advantage of these interesting new restaurants from high end retailers

Now you can dine-in at your favorite car dealerships or clothing and home goods stores. Crate & Barrel, Lululemon, and Lexus are a few of the many brands that will soon offer chef-led restaurant experiences for customers in spaces that are perfectly paired for a one-of-a-kind event experience. If you host your event at one of these unique venues, you’ll have both catering and entertainment covered. 

2. Host your next event at one of these gorgeous underused movie theater spaces.

Luxury cinema spaces (like the ones offered by name brands like AMC, Cinemark, and Regal) are available after hours for private events or during normal business times for things like birthday parties and special screenings. They’re great for large groups, entertaining children, and offering event attendees some light bites. If you’d like guests to walk away from the event with a gift, you can even give them movie theater subscription passes from participating brands. 

3. Serve some of these interesting personalized drink options. 

Custom labels, liquids, and brews are now being offered by name brands like Coca-Cola and LG. These on demand drink options will be a fun and memorable addition to your event. The best part is they can easily be incorporated into any event menu without too much extra effort. 

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4. Offer keto desserts for your health-obsessed attendees.

If your event guests are concerned about their physical well being and appearance, try serving any of the delicious, keto-friendly catering options now on the market. From cookies to candy to snack bars, your options will continue to expand in the coming years as more and more people switch over to this diet/lifestyle. 

5. Increase corporate event productivity with this mood-enhancing music app. 

We all know that music can change your mood but what if you used it to deliberately get your guests into the right spirit for your event? Apps like Focus@Will are scientifically engineered to help listeners to be more productive and focused, so do your meeting or conference attendees a favor and use it to set the tone at your next event.  

6. Provide healthy, nostalgia-worthy munchies with these trending snacks. 

The 80’s and 90’s are making a come back on TV but they’re also debuting as some great event catering options as well – only this time they’re a lot better for you. Cheesy puffs, cheese curls, and classic chips are all getting a facelift, just in time for your next get together. 

7. Serve these clever, eco-friendly fish alternatives. 

If your event will be frequented by vegetarians and you’d still like to serve a full, satisfying meal, then try this great solution that everyone can be happy about. Brands like Good Catch, Wild Type, and Finless Foods prove you don’t have to sacrifice taste or nutrition when catering for people with special dietary needs. 

8. Offer foods with packaging that helps reduce or eliminate catering waste. 

Eco-friendly events will benefit from adding these options to their menu. Packaging made by plants and yeast is being turned into reusable food wraps and, in some cases, are intended to be eaten as part of the experience. 

9. Consider adding these sustainable options to your road show or event series. 

Sustainable travel and tourism is a hot topic in the hospitality industry right now. Some booking platforms, hiking tours, and local, community-based destinations all offer interesting options for event planners. Whether you choose to use software from a brand dedicated to the cause or host your next seminar off the beaten path, there are lots of ways to add sustainability to your plan. 

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10. Hand out branded T shirts that don’t have to be washed. Ever. 

If swag is a major component of your next event, consider partnering with a company like Western Rise or Unbound Merino – they offer garments that require less or no water to clean. 

11. Tell out of town event attendees to take a bike

Or a moped. Or a scooter. Link to these options under the transportation details of your event registration website and, if you can, connect with the brands ahead of time to see if they’d be willing to provide a discount code. 

12. Offer manicures, massages, and skin care at your next event. 

Brands like DSW and Lush are offering their customers spa services (at select stores or dedicated venues) now, because everyone loves to be pampered. Whether you’re planning a bridal shower or a product launch, adding this extra special, relaxing touch to the festivities will definitely be appreciated. 

13. Surprise potential event sponsors by sending them your event website in the form of a vinyl record. 

Never get buried in someone’s inbox again with this uber creative product. Record players updated with modern technology are becoming commonplace in most households now and companies like Just Tom are making original copies of corporate websites turned into vinyls. Use it to compliment your website or create a completely individual pitch for those extremely high ROI event sponsors you really want to make a good impression with. 

14. Fill event goodie bags with 90’s themed treats.

These throwback products are high on nostalgia and low on investment, striking that perfect balance of unique yet affordable for guest lists of any size. Grab some contemporary, Barbie colored nail polishes, shiny scrunchies, or flavored chapsticks to treat your guests with. 

15. Add a pop-up class to your event itinerary. 

Want to surprise event-goers with something educational and fun? Try a pop-up class. Almost anything offered as a traditional educational experience can be incorporated into your event. You can even partner with established brands to offer things like dance lessons and drawing workshops

These neat and unexpected event ideas will definitely leave an impression on your guests! 

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