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Tips Tuesday: 14 Ideas for Outstanding Conference Catering

Organizing food and beverage at multi-day conferences is a massive undertaking. And making sure the catering at these events is delicious and memorable from the welcome breakfast to the closing gala is no easy task.  Read on for tips and tricks to elevate your conference catering. We start with strategic and organizational decisions that make…

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16 Festive Ways to Boost Sales for the Holidays

No matter where your hotel is located, chances are that guests will be traveling there for the holidays. Over 110 million Americans travel for the holidays every year, and not all of them can stay in the spare room at Grandma’s. This massive wave of travelers represents a golden opportunity for your hotel to jump…

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Event agenda design ideas

Tech Thursday: Is 3D or CAD Event Software Best for Your Planning Business?

Standing out in the event planning industry takes more than on-demand creativity and top-notch organizational skills. Those are essential, of course, but the ability to share your vision—and fast—with current and potential clients is also critical.  To create shareable event visuals, planners and event designers turn to 3D event design software and CAD (computer-assisted design).…

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