Your ROI with Social Tables interactive lead capture tools.

This calculator simulates the potential ROI that you could realize by adding interactive lead capture to your website. On average 3% of website visitors will submit a request for more information after evaluating venues on a landing page powered by Social Tables. Enter your current metrics to calculate your revenue potential.

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How Social Tables keeps planners engaged on your site


Conversion Rate

Percentage of meetings & events website visitors who become leads



Site visitors who interact with floor plans, images, and other sales material


Time on Site

Average time spent evaluating event venues on your property's website


Bounce Rate

Users who have exited your site without taking an action

“Social Tables is a sales tool. We are saving an entire 8-hour workday each month through decreased diagramming time, freeing us up to pursue more business. Our revenue has grown 10% year-over-year thanks to Social Tables.”

Michelle Reid, Director of Event Sales at Granite Links Golf Club

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