How Granite Links Reached 10% Revenue Growth with Social Tables

Perched above Quincy Bay overlooking the city of Boston, Granite Links Golf Club is home to over 13,300 square feet of meetings and event space. A recipient of Wedding Wire’s Customer Choice award, the venue boasts 6 unique spaces, which play host to over 870 weddings, and social and corporate events each year.

Michelle Reid, Director of Event Sales, oversees a busy team of 7, that creates an average of 16 diagrams per week to support their burgeoning portfolio. Recently, one promising piece of new business nearly walked away from the venue when they convinced themselves that their event couldn’t possibly fit within the space.

“I immediately jumped into our Event Dashboard, found a previous event that had hosted a similar group, made some slight modifications to personalize it for this hesitant individual, and sent it over,” recalls Reid. “They closed that day. Social Tables helps our clients see their event come to life.”

“Social Tables is a sales tool,” Reid says, which she credits for the “higher level of efficiency and consistency that we are able to execute at as a team. We are saving an entire 8-hour workday each month through decreased diagramming time, freeing us up to pursue more business. Our revenue has grown 10% year-over-year thanks to Social Tables,” Reid notes. “We very much expect that number to grow.”

Michelle Reid, Director of Event Sales, Granite Links Golf Club

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