Sales & Catering CRM users now enjoy far more flexibility to manage and win group business.

What’s New: Great Sales & Catering CRM Updates That Boost Your Sales Team’s Efficiency

Hoteliers know all too well that the intuitive, almost-seamless experience they enjoy when they use their smartphone or a major social media platform is a rare pleasure. Hospitality software—especially sales & catering software—is old, cumbersome, difficult to learn, even more difficult to understand, and, ultimately, it can do as much to limit productivity as enhance it. 

This unfortunate reality is why we built the Sales & Catering CRM—to give hoteliers a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for managing and executing group business. And every day we build on that promise by releasing new features add to our system’s capabilities—but not its complexities. 

In fact, we’ve released four new features in just the past few weeks we think deserve your attention, because they’re designed to make your job easier from the very first time you use them. Let’s take a look. 

Discover 4 new group business assistant features that make work easier:

1. Trial Checks

You have shared your feedback, and we’ve responded. With Trial Checks, you can now generate a banquet check the moment you change a booking’s Status to ‘Definite.’ This new feature will make your experience seamless by fitting right in your preferred workflow: you’ll be able to send your clients a preliminary invoice weeks before the day of the event. 

Sales & Catering CRM users can now create Banquet Checks as soon as a booking turns Definite.

2. Instant-Business

Previously, if you wanted to create a new account, contact, lead, or booking, you had to leave the page you were on and navigate to the dashboard. Not anymore! 

Now, no matter where you are in the Sales & Catering CRM, you can quickly create a new piece of business with our instant-business feature. Simply click the + icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear, and you can take your pick. 

This is ideal for all kinds of situations. For instance, imagine you’re busy managing a wedding booking when a call comes in from the coach of a youth baseball team. She wants to set up a championship celebration, but doesn’t have much time to talk. You can quickly create a new lead and get started without a second thought. It’s a done deal! 

Sales & Catering CRM users can create bookings, accounts, leads, and contacts from anywhere in the application.

3. Bookings Filter

With our new bookings filter, you can cut out the clutter in your Bookings page by choosing to filter in only the bookings that matter to you: you can include or exclude based on the sales manager associated with the booking or by Status (such as ‘Actualized,’ ‘Cancelled,’ ‘Definite,’ ‘Lost,’ and ‘Tentative’). Simply navigate to the upper left-hand corner of the Bookings page and start filtering.

Sales & Catering CRM users can now filter bookings by the sales manager assigned to the booking and the booking's Status.

4. BEO Versions

With our latest release, you can preview and (if you want) revert to previous versions of a given BEO. This gives you and your team the flexibility to go back in time in case plans change—as they so often do in event planning. Simply click the text in the upper right that begins: “Last Saved:” to preview previous versions. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to deliberately save the BEO in order to create a version you can refer back to later. See how it’s done below:

Sales & Catering CRM users can now view (and restore) previous versions of their BEOs.

Hop into your Sales & Catering CRM account now and try out these free upgrades for yourself—because the life of a hotelier at a select- or limited-service property is crazy enough without software that doesn’t make your daily routine easier.

And if you don’t already have an account, head to our website to learn how your hotel can start getting more out of your group business segment today. 

Try these 4 new features today!

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