The Improved Social Tables Search helps planners find hotels and venues faster.

The Improved Social Tables Search Page Brings People Together, Faster

Thousands of planners have used Social Tables Search to find venues for their events. But we can do even more to bring people together. That’s why we rebuilt Social Tables Search into the place online where planners and venues meet each other to discover new opportunities.

We just expanded Search profiles to include photos of event spaces. Every property we currently list in Search has an opportunity to improve the look and feel of their profiles by adding their own photos.

And we didn’t stop there. We also redesigned the Search to display one these new profile images as a rich, engaging page header every time you visit the site. With this new design, you have a chance to make a meaningful connection with a property before you even begin your search.

Social Tables Search helps you find hotel and venue space quickly and easily.

What’s in it for properties?

It’s now easier than ever to show your property to a community of planners actively sourcing venues for their events. Dozens of times every day, properties like the Hyatt Times Square, The Phoenician, and the St. Regis San Francisco appear front and center on a rich, interactive Social Tables Search header image dedicated exclusively to their venues. As a result, these properties have the first chance to introduce themselves to planners; in turn, these planners have an opportunity start imagining their next events in these spaces.

The next step in this process is simple. You either search for more properties or click the link at the bottom of the header image to visit the featured property’s Search profile. There you can check out floorplans, location information, and more photos.

All around, the new Search is a richer, more rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Don’t worry if your property’s imagery doesn’t yet appear on our Search page. Just reach out to our support team at or 877-973-2863. Our team can explain the ways photos of your event space can be added to the rotation – so you can start making a great first impression to active planners.

What’s in it for planners?

The new Social Tables Search chips away at the biggest problem facing event planners: sourcing a location. Now, every time you head to the Social Tables Search page, you’ll be met by great options for your next events.
Try it out today. You may just make a valuable connection with a property that you weren’t expecting to make. Head over to our Search page today and discover for yourself.

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