5 Ways 3D Diagrams Help Hotels Sell Their Event Space

With competition for meeting and event business reaching all new heights, hoteliers are having to get more and more creative with how they sell their space. Armed with hotel marketing tactics and technology, hoteliers have limitless ways to show off their property. Here are just five ways that 3D diagrams, one tool in a hotel’s marketing toolbox, can help hotels sell their event space quicker.

1. Show rooms when you don’t have photos

Having a hard time getting the right photos to include on your website, in a brochure, or in a proposal? It can be frustrating to not have an up-to-date photo on-hand of a particular space, especially when a client wants it ASAP. 

But the solution isn’t necessarily to run out and hire a photographer. You can just pop open your diagrams in 3D (with a single click!), and take some screenshots. For example, this property used Social Tables 3D to bring their rooms to life, complete with table numbers, ghost chairs, and color-coded linens. 3D in this instance shows the client exactly what to expect when it’s event day.

5 Ways 3D Diagrams Help Hotels Sell Their Event Space

2. Show each individual’s view

There’s nothing worse than getting to the event and you find that tables and chairs are way too close together. Or, sightlines are blocked by columns. A diagram can help show what an event will look like, whether you’re sitting front and center or in the furthermost seat in the house. 

When you view your diagram in 3D you can zoom in to see anything from any specific seat or table. This makes it easy to ensure everyone has a great view of the stage or other people. Many event professionals use 3D diagrams to be sure their VIPs are getting a great experience.

3. Show that you’re not overpromising

Clients are always afraid that a property or planner is over-promising and may under-deliver on the day of the event. Show that the space you’ve selected can truly accommodate all of their requests, by guiding them through the room virtually using your 3D diagram. Add the planner as a collaborator so they can see the 3D right in your diagram, and then hop on the phone with them. Explain each part of the set up while they see changes being made in real-time.

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4. Show that your space and service is better

During the proposal phase of the event process, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate yourself from competitors. What makes the situation even more complicated is when a planner isn’t able to visit your property to properly get a feel for the space. Good thing we have 3D diagrams!

When you present a professional 3D diagram, you instantly stand out from others the client is choosing among. By presenting this level of detail, you show the client that you’re truly interested in their business, and that you pay attention to even the smallest things. This will help set your services and space apart, and begin building a stronger relationship.

5. Show that you can respond and react quickly

Clients indicate fast response time is hugely important in winning their business. Create a 2D diagram, and convert it into 3D with a single click in Social Tables diagram. That means you can get right back to potential clients with an adjustment to their vision. Just export it and attach to your email back to them, or share them as a collaborator.

3D diagrams aren’t just tools to use during the planning phase of the event lifecycle. They have become a mainstay in any hotel sales manager’s toolkit in order to creatively sell their space.

How else do you leverage 3D diagrams in the sales process? Let us know in the comments or send us a tweet.

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