4 Unique Meeting Venues Where You Need to Host Your Next Meeting

Unique meeting venues offer more than just four walls for your meeting to take place. It provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop to promote productivity and engagement at your meeting. Avoid the usual conference room by hosting your meeting in one of these unique meeting venues.

1. Restaurants

Many restaurants have large, private rooms that can be closed off the public. These make for great places to hold meetings. The ambiance is relaxing, the seating is usually more comfortable than in a typical meeting room, and you can easily have the meeting catered.

There is something about food that sparks creativity and helps people connect on a deeper level. Many restaurants may even allow you to rent out their entire place during non-peak hours. Just think about how much more excited your client will be to host a training or meeting in the city’s most sought after restaurant!

4 Unique Meeting Venues Where You Need to Host Your Next Meeting

2. Breweries

Independent breweries are in the middle of a great resurgence. These local breweries often do much more than just churning out great tasting craft beer. They often have an abundance of open space, offer tours, and have flexible space for any meeting or event.

Best of all, meeting at a brewery gives everyone the chance to get out of the office. This alone can help open people’s minds and make them more receptive to your message. You can combine a brewery tour or even a beer tasting as part of your meeting. One advantage of using unique meeting venues is that it changes the perception of the corporate meeting into more of an event.

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3. Farm Venues

Even if you live in a big city, chances are that you are not far from farm country. The modern farm is nothing like you learned about as a kid. Many farms not only sell their harvest, but they also run get involved in the events world and host meetings.

Why not host your next corporate meeting at a farm? Many farm venues also provide catering or can host your preferred caterer. Seeing how farmers are adapting to the 21st century economy may just help turn your staid corporate meeting into an energized brainstorming session.

Depending on the venue, you may also be able to help everyone’s mood by stopping by the petting zoo before getting down to business!

4. Theaters

Do you need a large amount of space with a defined room set and a state of the art sound system? Then a theater may be a great place to host your next meeting or event. Theaters are one of our favorite unique meeting venues because they have large auditoriums, comfortable seating, and your Powerpoint presentations have never looked better or more impressive than on a movie screen.

Theaters that double as corporate meeting venues and are outfitted with the latest in lighting and audio visual technology. No need to bring in your own A/V supplier – here, all it takes is plugging into the theater’s projection system to pull off a professional presentation that keeps the audience engaged.

The next time your organization is planning a corporate meeting, test out one of these unique meeting venues as an alternative to the usual corporate conference room.

Did we leave any unique meeting venues off the list? Let us know which ones we left off in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter.

Find venues, manage events and win clients with  free event planning tools.

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