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7 Wellness Events That Make for Happy & Healthy Attendees

Whether you’re throwing a smaller event or a multi-thousand person conference, having fulfilled and happy attendees is key to knocking it out of the park. Which is why many planners are turning to wellness events and stations! Here are seven that can give your event the extra boost it needs to stand out and bring people back.

1. Health Screenings

These quick and easy wellness events are great because of their relatively low cost and high impact. Most people hate going to the doctor, but if the doctor is right there… why not? In fact, you don’t even need a doctor. Nurses or nurse practitioners can do the job of taking blood pressure, screening for cholesterol, testing blood sugar, etc. The biggest benefit to you is the immediate perception that your event is going the extra mile to put attendees’ well-beings first.

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2. Specialized Challenges

You may have heard of challenges like Tech Crunch or the 48 Hour Film Challenge in which participants are asked to create a new product or service within a given amount of time. The end results are presented before the crowd and a panel of judges, with the best ones winning amazing prizes. Use a similar wellness event tailored to your industry on a smaller scale to bring challenge and harmony to your attendees.

By having attendees really stretch their problem-solving chops, you’ll keep the spirits, engagement, and fun at an all-time high. Just make sure you diagram your event layout effectively to account for all of the extra movement.

3. Yoga

Let’s face it, yoga has taken our culture by storm. Having a certified yogi on hand for your wellness events can help capitalize on the phenomenon. Plus, it’ll give your attendees some good ideas about how they can beat the stress of their daily jobs. The feeling of mindfulness will result in a happy crowd who will associate the spirit of your yoga station with your event as whole. (You’ll also make your event feel more modern!)

4. Healthy Buffet

The key to an attendee’s heart is through their stomach ” so why not show your guests you care? Most event spreads are chock-full of fried foods, sweet desserts, and other assorted treats that may taste great, but aren’t exactly healthy.

Healthy meals make great additions to wellness events because they aren’t too tough to pull off. Breakfast buffets can include things like egg white omelettes, fruit, and granola. Serving lunch? Look no further than the salad. And for dinner, serve up some sautéed veggies and protein. Your guests (and their stomachs!) will thank you.

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5. Mental Wellness Events

Wellness isn’t just a physical thing ” mental well-being is just as important to your guests. So hire a motivational speaker that really speaks to the reason your attendees are there. Sure, you may not be able to afford famous speakers like Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone, but other speakers still pack plenty of inspiration.

Try looking up a few TED Talks on the subject of choice as many of these speakers are available at a much lower price. And if that’s out of the budget, there are always great local speakers you can put on stage.

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6. Webinars & Seminars

If your attendees are facing a particular health problem, such as arthritis or high stress, try buying the rights to a webinar. They can be useful tools on how to address and combat work-related health issues. Plus, since they’re already created, the work’s been done for you.

7. Team-Building Exercises

Individuals can benefit from the above ideas, but how do you tackle team wellness? Turn to team-building exercises to get everyone working together in a harmonious manner. They’re a great way to strengthen the bonds within your attendees, and have people who would generally never work together collaborate on a common problem.

You can also use your team-building exercise to improve your group’s perceptions of one another. There is no one set rule to success, but good steps include allowing teams to get to know each other (even if they already do), giving them a common goal, having this goal need all members to participate, and instilling a little friendly competition between teams.

Think these ideas will go “well” for you?

Give them a try at your next event. When your attendees are happy and in harmony, there’s no limit to the positive impact ” both for them and your event!

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