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4 Hotel Staffing Tools That Help Properties Recruit Top Talent

Aside from maybe the property, the staff is the most valuable asset in any hotel business. But that means staffing is also one of the hardest parts of running things efficiently. Luckily, we’ve rounded up six hotel staffing tools that’ll make the recruitment process a little easier — from the initial search to the perfect hire.

Why you should already be thinking about hotel staffing.

Your staff not only represents your brand, it’s also one of the biggest factors of how much revenue you’re bringing in. After all, a great staff means repeat customers and word of mouth.

Lots of property owners only look for new staff when someone leaves their position. Unfortunately, this means they have to make a mad rush to hire, opening up the chance for someone who’s less than qualified to make their way in. They’re desperate to bring a replacement in, because each gap in staffing makes such a huge impact in the day to day of the property.

To be great, a hotel needs a team of both management and frontline staffers who are skillful, intelligent and collaborative. It’s also a big bonus for you and your guests if your crew is cheerful, naturally kind, gracious, and humorous. That’s a lot to live up to — which is why tracking down good recruits can be such a tough task.

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Here are four tools that can help.

Social Media Platforms

Social media makes connecting with potential hires easier than ever before. When you need a new hire, put your Twitter and Facebook accounts to good use by posting about your job opportunity. Your post will pop up to people searching for related terms and will be there for anyone who makes their way to your pages. After all, isn’t it better when the talent comes to you?

In your post, you can make your job stand out by including a couple of perks that make it one worth pursuing. That’s your way of making a potential candidate click. Then, make sure that the link you include is taking them to a page where they can learn more about the job and apply. You’re not helping anyone by taking them to your hotel’s homepage.

Recruitment Websites

Websites like LinkedIn are often the first place both employees and employers look for opportunities. Since you can post for a specific opening and those looking for something in the ballpark will find it, both players in the employment puzzle are able to connect quickly.

Plus, LinkedIn’s paid service for recruiters searches through a pool of 500 million users and targets the most qualified applicants for your opening. And you can vet your candidate at a glance. That means you get a chance to see whether they might fit the bill before you waste time on a call that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Another popular site Indeed, works more like a Craigslist forum. It gives jobseekers the chance to find job postings and submit applications without having to create a detailed profile. People who may not be on LinkedIn will still be able to find and engage with your posting.

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Is your hotel thinking about recruiting the right way? In addition to these four tools, check out our post on six ways you can woo new talent.

Video Interviewing

Hiring for a management position or similar opening where you may need to bring in talent from a different state? A quick video interview can help you save time and money in the initial rounds. Whether you choose Skype, Google Hangouts, or another similar video conferencing tool, you’ll be able to connect in real time and get a better sense of the person whom you’re interviewing.

Let’s face it, a lot can get lost in translation on the phone. In fact, 55% of what’s actually being communicated in human interactions is communicated through body language. With video interviewing, you don’t lose out on this other — but just as important — half of having a conversation. There are even new technologies that go so far as to help you analyze an applicant’s word choices, facial expressions, and speech patterns.

Automated Resume Screening

Remember the days of sifting through dozens of dreadful resumés just to find your one golden goose? If that was yesterday for you, then you might just want to turn to an applicant tracking system (ATS).

When your hotel posts a vacancy and receives a huge volume of resumes, an ATS can look through public records to build a better understanding of a candidate’s qualifications and employment history. It can even read through the language to tell you which candidates are worth a look and which you’ll want to save your time and energy on.


Are you using them?

When it comes to hotel staffing, these are the four tools every property should already have in their recruiting repertoire. If not, you might just be one step behind the next property looking for top talent.

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