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Which 4 Things Do the Best Hotel Ads All Have in Common?

How do you advertise your property to the world? When it comes to hotel ads, it’s possible to have effective advertising that helps to achieve your hotel’s objectives. By making a careful assessment of the best hotel ads, we found four things that these ads shared in common that you can apply to your own campaigns.

How To Create The Best Hotel Ads

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1. Use Hi-Res imagery

Imagery for your hotel ads needs to reflect the best features of your property. Is it that stellar ballroom of yours? How about your legendary hotel lobby? If your potential or existing customers can connect with your hotel ad images, you can increase their likelihood to click through. Think of the image as a hook to get prospective customers to click through.

What’s more, great images have the added bonus of increasing brand awareness. The more your ads appeal to the eyes, minds, and hearts of your target customers, the more they are likely to remember your brand.

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2. Include well-written copy

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it’s the text that reveals the intended message.

Great copy is a key pillar of your hotel ads. When people view your ad, it needs to tell them why they should stop whatever they’re doing and investigate further. This message needs to be powerful because you only have so much real estate to work with. When it comes to well-written copy, you only have a few seconds to make your message resonate with your audience. It needs to be grammatically correct, to the point, and relevant.

Another thing to remember when you’re planning out your hotel ads is to keep it fresh. Avoid falling into the pitfall of using the same ad content, for extended durations at a time. Deploying ads that your audience has seen over and over can lead to ad fatigue. You run the risk of your audience growing oblivious to them, and worse, contemptuous. Swap your ads on occasion and do so creatively.

Looking to level up your hotel ads and you’re targeting customers in multiple countries or different audiences? Tailor the message specifically for them as opposed to sending out the same blanket ad.

3. Create eye-catching, effective headlines

Your audience looks at a lot of content on any given day. The hurdle this presents for hotel marketers is that we have such little time to make an impact and it starts with making an effective headline. Your headline is the first line of copy your audience will see in your ads, so it needs to spark curiosity and draw them in.

A good headline should be catchy, whether it’s through using specific action words, interesting adjectives, or and place an emphasis on the benefit. Effective headlines should also be easy to read, whether it’s through the fonts you choose or word choice. Be direct with your headline and deliver on what you’re offering your audience. Steer clear of click-bait practices and any ambiguous word choice: live up to what the reader will find on the other side of the click.

Above all, your headline needs to be believable: click-bait titles might get the readers to click, but the last thing you want to do is drive your readers away. Ensure your headlines focus on the benefit to the customer.

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4. Have clear calls to action

You may have the best-looking hotel ads, but if you don’t clearly state what’s in it for the customer, it’s a wasted opportunity. Including a clear call to action (CTA) is critical to the success of the ad. A CTA is an action you want your audience to take. Adding CTAs to your hotel ads help achieve two key things. First, it lets the reader understand what’s in it for them. Secondly, it helps them know what they need to do next.

Do you want them to click to book? Do you want them to share a piece of content for a chance to win? Whatever the action is, clearly call it out on the ad.

When it comes to hotel marketing storytelling with ads, you only have a few seconds to make your message count. Use high-quality imagery, effective copy, and headlines, and see the clicks roll in.

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