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4 Easy Ways to Simplify the Hotel Check-In Process for Customers

Making a good first impression is important for any hotel. That’s why it’s important to make sure one of the first physical interactions your guests have with your hotel is a smooth one. Here are a few tips to simplify the hotel check-in process for customers and start their stay on the right foot.

1. Allow for remote check-in

Why guests love it

Travelers love options. They also love technology. And both of these things certainly extend to the hotel check-in process.

One of the ways to incorporate technology into the hotel check-in process is to allow for remote check-in. This enables your property to leave the check-in process to the guest. Remote check-in can be web-based or through a dedicated mobile app. Best of all, it allows guests to browse and book their room of choice.

How to make it happen

A hotel check-in app is an easy way to let guests check themselves in. even better, you can use it as a casual marketing tool, letting guests learn more about your hotel, serving them exclusive offers, and even upselling other amenities during their stay.

To entice loyalty club members, why not use it as a form of reward to allow them to bypass reception? You could go a step further and have the app double up as a smart room key, or to activate an RFID key card that the customers could pick up when they get to the lobby.

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2. Make hotel check-in times more flexible

Why guests love it

It’s a well-known fact that guests loathe traditional check-in times. A good deal of arrivals at major international airports occur around midday. The traditional 3 p.m. check-in and noon check-out just don’t fit that schedule. And at the same time, plenty of long-haul flights arrive in the wee morning hours, and many departures happen late at night.

The last thing people want to endure after a red-eye flight is the annoyance of check-in, and if you could eliminate this for them, they will love you for it. And sing your praises, potentially via online hotel reviews.

How to make it happen

The modern guest cherishes efficiency. And hotel check-in times should reflect this. Smart hoteliers are recognizing the change in behavior, such as Standard Hotels, and many chains are responding by launching a check-in-anytime program.

3. Allow guests to pay for early/ late hotel check-in

Why guests love it

That 3 p.m. check-in time doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So why not allow guests the extra wiggle room? For a small added charge, you can give your customers the leeway to check in as early or as late as their schedules allow.

How to make it happen

This is slowly becoming a trend, and not just within the smaller property space. Well-known brands like Hilton, Marriott, and the Intercontinental Hotels Group are offering this perk. It’s another great way to generate ancillary revenue for your property.

4. Add check-in kiosks in the hotel lobby

Why guests love it

Hotel brands are taking advantage of more advanced automation, such as check-in kiosks.

The benefit of these self-service check-in kiosks is two-fold. It allows customers to bypass the line. At the same time, it cuts labor costs for you.

How to make it happen

Ideally, kiosks are located in the lobby. And the technology makes it possible for guests to do more than just complete their own hotel check-in. The kiosk should empower them to also review their reservation, program their room keys, and make any necessary edits without the need for hotel staff to assist them.

By incorporating these tips into your hotel check-in process, your guests will no longer need to line up at the reception desk and you’ll make a stellar first impression.

Up next, discover eight strategies to improve the group hotel check-in process.

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